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Researchers find that green roofs can help moderate the effects of climate change 

Shep Smith commits an act of journalism on uranium ‘scandal,’ and Fox News viewers are outraged FBI: Note on money transfer to Russian embassy: ‘To finance election campaign of 2016’ Turns out that Roy Moore’s ’50 pastor’ support letter was an old letter that was ‘fixed up’ Daily Kos needs to raise $810,711 to closeContinue reading “Researchers find that green roofs can help moderate the effects of climate change “

Climate Change , the facts

GREENHOUSE GASES such as carbon dioxide (CO2) absorb heat (infrared radiation) emitted from Earth’s surface. Increases in the atmospheric concentrations of these gases cause Earth to warm by trapping more of this heat. Human activities—especially the burning of fossil fuels since the start of the Industrial Revolution—have increased atmospheric CO2 concentrations by about 40%, withContinue reading “Climate Change , the facts”

Hot topics in City of Palo Alto, California

scholarship program, for low income families to be able to take classes.2)no smoking policy in public areas Affordable housing for low to middle income families Job-share options for parents and apprenticeships for teens Free shuttle between East Palo Alto and Palo Alto so youth can partake in afterschool activities. Transportation: less traffic, more parking, moreContinue reading “Hot topics in City of Palo Alto, California”

Protect our global environment

In the Philippines, one small island almost disappeared from the pollutants coming from nearby mining company. An island suffered the same as flooding cannot be contained as a result of illegal logging, cutting of trees and no sustainable solutions in place. Here in the USA, you can see the beauty of nature as each personContinue reading “Protect our global environment”