USAFACTS.ORG how the govt spends our money Steven Ballmer in 2014. The former Microsoft chief executive is unveiling a website Tuesday aimed at giving United States citizens a transparent look at government budgets. CreditStephen Brashear/Getty Images Guess what Steven A. Ballmer has been up to for the last several years. (No, not just cheering for the basketball team he owns, the […]

We Hit a Nerve! Trump Lashes Out at Tax March Protesters

We Hit a Nerve! Trump Lashes Out at Tax March Protesters. APR 17, 2017 — Thank you to everyone who hit the streets on Saturday to protest Trump’s unprecedented refusal to release his tax returns. Over 125,000 people marched, in more than 200 communities nationwide, demanding transparency from our president. Many of you even handed out […]

Tax Tips to Help You Determine What Makes a Gift Taxable

Taxpayers who give money or property to others may wonder about the federal gift tax and if it applies. Most gifts are not subject to the gift tax. Here are seven tax tips about the gift tax and giving: 1. Nontaxable Gifts. The general rule is that any gift is potentially taxable. However, there are […]

New York times comments for cabinet picks

Let’s see, so far we have a guy from Alabama dedicated to upholding the fine Southern tradition of voting prevention heading up the Justice Dept, an alleged reincarnation of Patton affectionately known as “Mad Dog” for Defense Secretary, a general who wants to expand the al Qaeda terrorist training camp in Guantanamo for Homeland Security, […]