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Estate planning before death

Estate Planning: 11 Things to Do Before You Die | LegalZoom A living trust can be a great way for you to make sure your wishes are followed after your death, as well as providing for fast distribution of your assets to beneficiaries, avoiding estate taxes and keeping yourfinancial affairs private. Estate Planning: 16 Things To Do Before

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Estate Planning and Medicaid

Preserving Assets and Transferring Assets to the Next Generation Feb 17, 2014 – Many aging seniors will actually forego medical care or long term care or maintenance on their property to leave more money to their children. … should use caution as they considered usingasset preservation and tax planning strategies to qualify for government benefits or to avoid paying high taxes. Medicaid

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Estate plan and the new tax law

Estate plan and the new tax law An estate plan is like a car or a house: It needs regular maintenance to function as intended. Yet unlike your car or home, external events can create the need for adjustments. Among such events is legislation like the tax bill Congress passed in late December. So this

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2010 Tax Statistics in the USA

More women between the ages of  55 under 60 yrs of age worked in 2010 compared to the number of men in the same age group. In both men and women, the top earning age group is between the ages of 46 under 55 yrs of age. Disparity in income between men and women is

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Indexed Annuity contributions are part of the distribution process in retirement

Index Annuities Gains In 2008, the SP500 lost about 40% of its value.  Investors in indexed annuities did not lose a cent which took nearly 4 years for the SP500 to get back to 2007 levels. For individuals who were retiring in 2008, or had tax qualified accounts in an Indexed annuity and passed away, that

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