Adult day care and kids day care with art class in one bay area location

Motherhealth Inc 501c3 is formed to create an environment for older adults to live with children and be surrounded by art. A day care for older adults, kids day care and art school in one location. Need real estate donations to promote art education, older adults day care and kids care in holistic environment promoting wellness and preventing cancer and chronic disease.

In a survey, older adults thrive when seeing children play and children thrive when learning about art.

Recently, an elementary school in Cupertino is no longer providing 1x a week art classes as PTA has no budget for next year and schools are not providing art classes. Writing and reading comes after learning art.

Most students love art and are motivated to go to school because of art classes. Adult also love to learn art.

Email to get the mailing address for Motherhealth Inc 501c3 and to participate in this project. PO Box 3138 Saratoga, CA 95070 for snail mail. Text 408-854-1883 for more info.


To downsize or not and in need of home care in bay area

Many seniors are in a dilemma to downsize or not considering the cost of living in the bay area. Health wise, seniors are not mobile as they used to be.  In case of any medical emergency, they need to act fast and be close to a hospital or health care facility.  Many emergencies happen during the night and early morning and signs and symptoms cannot easily be detected by family members.

The cost of houses in the bay area skyrocketed that it is common sense to sell an expensive home and live in a small unit and use the sale of the house for health care costs and retirement income.

Many young couples opted for smaller affordable homes to be able to have enough money for other important expenses.

It is sad that many families in the bayarea are spending half of their income on house rent.  Many older generation plans to move out of the bay area to downsize and spend their retirement money wisely.

In care homes, many seniors have sold their homes to pay for nursing homes.

In the bay area, half of the jobs are contractual and families have to move from city to city to find an affordable place to live.

Some of those who stayed prefer their parents, who are now grandparents, to care for their babies and waiting for the time when they do not need babysitter to move away from expensive houses in the bay area.

Many take two jobs and spend less time with family to pay for house rent.

Others use every room in their house as rental income to supplement their income and pay for mortgage or get extra retirement income.

Others use airbnb or live in a rented room while they have their house being rented out for income.

What will you do to afford the housing costs in the bay area? Email

For caring caregivers for homebound bay area seniors, call 408-854-1883.






Investment property : mixed retail and residential , starting offer at $24k, Battle Creek Michigan

MIX use retail p2 MIX use retail p3 MIX use retail p4 MIX use retail p5 MIX use retail

Accepting offer in next 3days or you can also exchange your bay area real estate for this investment property.  Group of investors is welcome. You can also partner up with me to acquire this property.

Contact Connie 408-854-1883

Real Estate IRA Caveats

Investing in real estate inside an IRA comes with strict rules. Complication number one: Owning property in an IRA negates all the familiar tax benefits of owning investment real estate, says James Lange, a CPA and financial planner in Pittsburgh. You can’t deduct property taxes or mortgage interest or take advantage of depreciation.

Aggravation number two: There’s a long list of prohibited transactions. You and your relatives are barred from occupying or working on the property, so forget free rent or “sweat equity.” The IRA, not you, owns the place, so if you’re considering a rental property, you’ll need a property manager to find tenants. Every dollar you invest in the property, plus expenses such as roof and furnace repairs, must come out of the IRA. Flout any rule and it’s a Catastrophe: The tax-deferred status of your entire IRA is ruined, and you’ll owe income taxes on the full value of the IRA’s assets, plus a 10% penalty if you’re younger than 59½.

Contact Connie Dello Buono, helping doctors and business owners reduce income taxes via a busiess structure and financial strategy. 408-854-1883 or Schedule a phone chat with our sr investment advisor

Business ownership, real estate and paper assets are your path to wealth building

Business ownership and real estate are the two wealth building asset
classes financial advisers typically don’t talk about (because they
can’t sell them) even though they are essential components to many
wealth plans.

Just to be fair, however, business ownership and real estate aren’t
for everyone either. These two asset classes have their own set of
issues (there is no perfect solution) and require far more active
involvement to create excess returns.

You must have entrepreneurial skills and a deep commitment to your
vision to compete. Additionally, the risks are much higher and the
outcome is less certain. Finally, both of these asset classes
require a higher dedication of your scarcest resource – time.

With that said, if you have what it takes you can gain huge
leverage and tax advantages. There is literally no practical limit
to the mathematical return you can make on investment.

Some entrepreneurs and innovative real estate investors have gone
from zero to financial security in under 5 years starting with
little or nothing – something you can’t do with paper assets.

With real estate and business ownership you are limited only by
your dedication, abilities, and creativity. It is a higher reward,
higher risk path that can be good if you have entrepreneurial
dreams and skills.

One of my favorite ways to manage the risk (something you will
learn more about in future lessons on risk management) is to work
the two paths simultaneously and hedge your bets.

For example, one of my coaching clients has a passion for real
estate and his spouse has a high earning career she loves. He is
building the real estate portfolio for wealth while she supports
current lifestyle with her earned income. They keep their their
expenses below her earnings and max out retirement plans with paper
assets each year.

With this plan they are working two simultaneous paths to wealth –
one through traditional savings and paper assets, and the other
through real estate. Because of other risk management tools we’ve
implemented their risk of failure is so small their ultimate goal
is a question of “when”… not “if”.

Another client is building his wealth through growing two separate
businesses. He also purchased the real estate that his
companies rent and contributes massive amounts annually to
his wife’s and his retirement savings. Each component – his
business, real estate, and paper assets – are individually
sufficient to provide financial security. It is really just a
matter of which one will get there first – not whether he will
reach the goal at all.

Notice how these paths are not mutually exclusive but can be
creatively combined to increase synergy and reduce risk.

You homework is to build these concepts into your wealth plan. Do
you fit one of the two profiles where you can use paper assets
exclusively? If not, how are you going to implement business
ownership with real estate while applying risk management?

Map out your wealth plan. Commit it to writing.


Connie’s comments: I work with a senior financial advisor when I map out financial strategies with my clients which include real estate, business ownership and business structuring, tax planning and paper assets. Yesterday, I shared my real estate experience with a young client who wants to own a business and do real estate investing at a young age of 27. Call 408-854-1883 or email me at to map out your wealth plan.