A gift for our home alone seniors

Gift to our parents

We are a thousand miles away from our aging parents and a wellness gift would be the right fit for them as they cannot shop on their own especially if they are homebound with no caregivers or companion.

Water purifier and nutrition for life

In many senior homes where my caregivers have visited, seniors do not have access to clean water and  their medicine cabinet have expired supplements and lacking in pure nutrition.

Opportunity to create an income in 2016 after 50

Here are the sites for your aging parents and for yourselves and email Connie at motherhealth@gmail.com for more info on how you can share the same benefits to others as 2016 is the year of SHARING.

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Positive impact of Google, internet, Youtube, Airbnb, UBER, Facebook, computers, smart phones, dietary supplements

An architect who lives in San Francisco was able to save $6000 per year using UBER.

Thousands of cities get more visitors who can live affordably using AIRBNB.

Many people learn new skills using the Internet, Youtube and Google.

Families are united after many years of absence because of finding each other in Facebook.

More healthy people are saved, cost of medications are cut and overall future health care costs are reduced with healthy lifestyle and use of dietary supplements and whole foods.

More tasks, jobs, learning, communication and networking occur using smart phones, and computers which created more jobs, more students and college grads with more skills and more happiness.

Can we find more ways to erase poverty and bring prosperity?

Yes, help me fund and develop a mobile app to match seniors and home helpers/caregivers. Contact Connie Dello Buono at motherhealth@gmail.com 408-854-1883 or donate your time/real estate to Motherhealth Inc, 501c3 at 1708 hallmark lane San Jose, CA 95124

Protect your cash accumulation from unnecessary taxes, market risks and inefficient financial products

critical capital mass

Now that you are in critical capital mass and earning more than you are spending, your goals are to protect your cash accumulation from unnecessary taxes, market risks and inefficient financial products.

Contact Connie Dello Buono, financial planner for doctors and business owners working with CPA and financial advisors in ensuring that your cash accumulation is protected from unnecessary income taxes using a business structure and financial plan with proper protection, less market risks and earnings for lifetime retirement income. 408-854-1883 motherhealth@gmail.com CA Life Lic 0G60621 

1708 Hallmark Lane San Jose CA 95124

Free webinar for doctors and business owners every Friday at 1pm for 1hr on protecting your cash flow with C corp, CPA and financial planners/advisors and your financial goals. Email Connie at motherhealth@gmail.com if you are a business owner, CPA or doctor and wanted to protect your cash flow from taxes and market risks.

Knowing my strengths and weakness to succeed

My profile and call to success

Today, I completed my profile to learn about my strengths and weakness in order to succeed. Tony Robbins and his team are my mentors.


Research shows that the most successful people share the common trait of self-awareness. They recognize the situations that will make them successful, and this makes it easy for them to find ways of achieving objectives that fit their behavioral style.

They also understand their limitations and where they are not effective and this helps them understand where not to go or how not to be as well.

Those who understand their natural behavioral preferences are far more likely to pursue the right opportunities, in the right way, at the right time, and get the results they desire.


So plan your life by knowing who you are to use your strengths more in order to succeed in life.

Connie Dello Buono, Financial Planner and Life Insurance Broker



Your referrals are much appreciated. I am looking for people who want to plan for their retirement, protect those they love financially and during health threats.

motivator connie

1035 Exchange for CPA, Estate Planning for Business Owners and Living Benefits for all

Save, invest and then spend with collaboration from your CPA, tax preparer, estate planner, life insurance agents, financial planners and other professionals. Learn from them and then start an electronic fund transfer each month so that you have paid yourself first before you spend.  Call Connie before the end of the year to properly allocate your assets and before you incur tax penalties. An overall financial picture strategically planned will protect your future wealth accumulation with tax advantage.

1035_CPA_Seminar on 1035 Exchange 


  • 1035 Exchange for CPA (annuities, life insurance)
  • Estate Planning for Business Owners (Living Trusts, Nevada LLC, more)
  • Financial Planning for lifetime tax free retirement income
  • Living Benefits during terminal and critical illness plus long term care

Estate plan for business owners

estate_plan_ for business owners


Contact Connie Dello Buono 408-854-1883 motherhealth@gmail.com for seminar series for your employees or business. CA Life and Health Lic 0G60621, Life Insurance and Annuities Broker, Financial Planner and Financial Life Coach

Every Tuesdays Free Seminar at Umpqua Bank in Downtown San Jose, 10-11 and 11-12noon

225 W Santa Clara St #150, San Jose, CA 95113   Parking will be validated by the bank. Lots of parking space in the building on the side entrance.
I love the hospitality of the bank, very friendly and cooperative to small business owners.

1035 exchange p4

200 Marketing Weapons by Jay Conrad Levinson


These guerrilla marketing weapons should all be considered for promoting your product, service or website offline. Notice how more than half of them are free.

1.     Marketing plan 101. Your employees and reps
2.     A marketing calendar 102. A designated guerrilla
3.      Identity 103. Employee attire
4.     Business cards 104. Your social demeanor
5.     Stationery 105. Your target audience
6.     Personal letters 106. Your circle of influence
7.     Telephone marketing 107. Your contact time with customers
8.     A toll-free number 108. How you say “Hello” and “Goodbye”
9.     A vanity phone number 109. Your teaching ability
10.  The Yellow Pages 110. Stories
11.  Postcards 111. Sales training
12.  Postcard decks 112. Use of downtime
13.  Classified ads 113. Networking
14.  Per-order and per-inquiry advertising 114. Professional titles
15.  Free ads in shoppers 115. Affiliate marketing
16.  Circulars and flies 116. Media contacts
17.  Community bulletin boards 117. “A”-List customers
18.  Movie ads 118. Your core story
19.  Outside signs 119. A sense of urgency 
20.  Street banners 120. Limited time or quantity offers
21.  A window display 121. A call to action
22.  Inside signs 122. Satisfied customers
23.  Posters 123. A benefits list
24.  Canvassing 124. Competitive advantages
25.  Door hangers 125. Gifts
26.  An elevator pitch 126. Service
27.  A value story 127. Public relations
28.  Backend sales 128. Fusion marketing
29.  Letters of recommendation 129. Barter
30.  Attendance at trade shows 130. Word-of-mouth
31.  Advertising 131. Buzz
32.  Direct mail 132. Community involvement
33.  Newspaper ads 133. Club and association memberships
34.  Radio spots 134. Free directory listings
35.  Magazine ads 135. A tradeshow booth
36.  Billboards 136. Special events
37.  Television commercials 137. A name tag at events
38.  A computer 138. Luxury box at events
39.  A printer or fax machine 139. Gift certificates
40.  Chat rooms 140. Audio-visual aids
41.  Forums 141. Flip charts
42.  Internet bulletin boards 142. Reprints and blowups
43.  List building 143. Coupons
44.  Personalized e-mail 144. A free trail offer
45.  An e-mail signature 145. Guarantees
46.  Canned e-mail 146. Contests and sweepstakes
47.  Bulk e-mail 147. Baking or crafts ability
48.  Audio and video postcards 148. Lead buying
49.  A domain name 149. Follow-up
50.  A web site 150. A tracking plan
51.  A landing page 151. Marketing-on-hold
52.  A merchant account 152. Branded entertainment
53.  A shopping cart 153. Product placement
54.  Auto-responders 154. Being a radio talk show guest
55.  A search engine ranking 155. Being a TV talk show guest
56.  Electronic brochures 156. Subliminal marketing
57.  RSS feeds 157. A proper view of marketing
58.  blogs 158. Brand name awareness
59.  Podcasting 159. Intelligent positioning
60.  A personal e-zine 160. A name
61.  Ads in other e-zines 161. A meme
62.  E-Books 162. A theme line
63.  Content provision 163. Writing ability
64.  Webinars 164. Copywriting ability
65.  Joint ventures 165. Headline copy talent
66.  Word-of-mouse 166. Location
67.  Viral marketing 167. Hours of operation
68.  eBay and other auction sites 168. Days of operation
69.  Click analyzers 169. Credit card acceptance 
70.  Pay-per-click ads 170. Financing availability
71.  Search engine keywords 171. Credibility
72.  Google adwords 172. Reputation
73.  Sponsored links 173. Efficiency
74.  Reciprocal link exchanges 174. Quality
75.  Banner exchanges 175. Service
76.  Web conversion rates 176. Selection
77.  Knowledge of your market 177. Price
78.  Research studies 178. Upgrade opportunities
79.  Specific customer data 179. Referral program
80.  Case studies 180. Spying
81.  Sharing 181. Testimonials
82.  Brochures 182. Extra value
83.  Catalogs 183. Adopting a noble cause
84.  Business directories 184. Easy to do business with
85.  Public service announcements 185. Honest interest in people
86.  A newsletter 186. Good telephone demeanor
87.  Speeches 187. Passion and enthusiasm
88.  Free consultations 188. Sensitivity
89.  Free demonstrations 189. Patience
90.  Free seminars 190. Flexibility
91.  Articles 191. Generosity
92.  Columns 192. Self-confidence
93.  Writing books 193. Neatness
94.  Publishing-on-demand 194. Aggressiveness
95.  Workshops 195. Competitiveness
96.  Teleseminars 196. High energy
97.  Infomercials 197. Speed
98.  Constant learning 198. Focus
99.  Marketing insight 199. Attention to details
100. Yourself 200. Ability to take action