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Caring for parents by gen X

Most common issues with ailing parents, age 70 to 100 are: lack of appetite, lack of sleep, chronic conditions such as cough, pain, constipation, UTI, anxiety, depression, pneumonia, kidney and liver health issues from polypharmacy, med addiction, arthritis, inflammation and other degenerative health issues. It is very difficult when a spouse care for her ailing

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Positive impact of Google, internet, Youtube, Airbnb, UBER, Facebook, computers, smart phones, dietary supplements

An architect who lives in San Francisco was able to save $6000 per year using UBER. Thousands of cities get more visitors who can live affordably using AIRBNB. Many people learn new skills using the Internet, Youtube and Google. Families are united after many years of absence because of finding each other in Facebook. More

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From California to Puerto Rico, Happy Father’s day

I told my son (20-yr old in college) that I am leaving California to work in Puerto Rico so that he can finish college as I will try to help him financially. Watching him taking a lackadaisical approach in his studies made me think that I was not giving him enough challenges including learning to

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