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Solving other people’s problems

My son would listen to his friends complain about life and he tells them how fortunate they are in what they have. My daughter also listens to her friends, sad and depressed and put a smile in their face. We need to have the time to listen to others. Those who only needs a different

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Love who you are

Love your Self Most of the problems people have in relationships – and life – are due to low levels of self-love. Love travels in a circle. The more you love yourself, the greater freedom you feel to express yourself. The more you express yourself, the easier it is for people to appreciate the real

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Start dating, stop swiping and texting

There is and (in iphones only) to find a date and suggested place to date. Action speaks louder than words. Men who choose to text only and not meet have a disadvantage. So meet your date in person. And get an idea of who the person is. Ask the three most important questions dear

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Aphrodisiac foods

Cook together. Soft music, soft lights, aroma of cinnamon and garlic are all conducive for a seductive lunch or dinner. Wine, beer or healthy smoothie are important. Do know that happy foods are chocolate, eggs, yams and beer. Aphrodisiac Foods Oysters Watermelon Cocoa or Chocolate Asparagus Avocados Maca Pumpkin Seeds. pumpkin seeds Celery

Your thoughts can have a profound impact on your health

I will breath deeply for I refuse to leave my cells unoxygenated. I will guard my  mind vigilantly when receiving a “diagnosis”. And will use my own voice and power to make my body strong. Be nourished by whole foods and quality supplementation. Getting clean water and fresh air and most important sunshine. Be away from

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