Solving other people’s problems

My son would listen to his friends complain about life and he tells them how fortunate they are in what they have.

My daughter also listens to her friends, sad and depressed and put a smile in their face.

We need to have the time to listen to others. Those who only needs a different perspectives without needing to consult a doctor or pay for medications.

Problems can be solved in many ways.

We listen.

Email Connie at for a different perspectives in your current problem. Sometimes, the focus is just in front of us. Do extend your reach and imagination.

Life is colorful because of the many challenges.

Do not think too much before going to bed.

Your problem can wait for  tomorrow or you can write down your thoughts before you sleep.

We solve one small chunk of our problem each day until we fully solve them with some help.

Help is around you.


A senior can calm her nerves by praying with deep breaths

Praying is an act of repetitive task that puts our brain to sleep. It helps us be calm, compose and at peace. Our blood pressure becomes normal as we observe ourselves in calmness and peace. With one purpose , to find serenity and joy, praying is a great tool for seniors to live healthy.

Connie Dello Buono, Caregiver and case manager for Motherhealth 24/7 caregivers 408-854-1883

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Save Time, Be Happier, Eliminate Choices

Are you confronted with a choice? Here are a few suggestions to avoid getting trapped in vicious choice circles:

  1. If what you currently have works, consider staying with that. Sometimes the best choices are the ones we already made. Like a particular type of shoes? Get another of the same type. Like your laptop, get the newer version. Sure, there might be better ones out there, but finding them might be more trouble than it’s worth.
  2. Consult the experts. If you don’t know what to choose, find a reliable, robust source of data like The Wirecutter or Consumer Reports. Amazon reviews can be helpful, though not always; be sure to check out the one and two star reviews to see why people don’t like something. Remember, nothing will ever be perfect.
  3. Decide a set amount of time you have to decide. This is important. Sure, bigger decisions might require more time. You might wait more than a week to propose to that girl. But eventually decisions must be made.
  4. Make a choice and live with it. As with any choice, there will be better options we can’t make for whatever reason (insufficient information, finances, etc.). All we can do is make the best choice we can in the moment and get on with our life. Often the best choice is the one that is made.
  5. —————

Connie’s comments:

  • Successful web sites, gives 3 major functions to remove clutter in their site.
  • Most successful people, list their top 3 goals and stick to it.
  • Most savers, list their top 3 needs and 3 reasons to spend.
  • Most helpful doctors, give three important lists of things to do for easy follow up on a health regimen.
  • Most admired teachers, list 3 bullet items to learn for any topics.
  • Most admired politicians, deliver on their top 5 lists to help the important needs of their constituents.
  • Most successful communicators, highlight 3 important topics and do not talk about not so important topics.
  • Always stay with rational choice, do not spend time on irrational choices.


Follow your heart and do not over eat on sugar

Life is short. There are many more things I want to say, do, learn and share.

But each one of us got blessed and got to be in a place by destiny and by our own passion and goals.

We cannot choose the circumstance at times but we can choose the best decision at the moment based on what we feel, see, think or visualize in the future. The best is to act consciously at the moment with open heart and eyes. There are some nuances that we cannot see right away when faced with an event or a meeting with a person.

Breath, pray and say good things. For good things come back to you.

Bless those who we touch and loved. Bless those we share moments with.

Always remember to love, be thankful and to share.


Birthday today December 8