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My scientist friend asked how to detox or clean his body from toxins

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Oxidative Stress, Inflammation, Thyroid and Anti-oxidant

Why is it harder for older people to lose weight? Is inflammed thyroid the culprit? It can be anything from stress and hormones to poor nutrition, food sensitivities, bacteria in your gut, or toxins in your liver. It could even be the result of an event that happened decades ago that’s causing unhealthy coping patterns

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Low glucose and low stress to go to sleep

There are many factors that will help you go to sleep. There are two most important factors.  One is that if you eat (few bites) sugary snacks (couple it with fish oil or omega 3), it should be 6 to 8 hrs before your sleep time. And the other one is that your stress level

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Parkinson’s disease and Mitochondria as the oxygen-consuming power plants of human cells Mitochondrial maintenance is essential for cellular and organismal function. Maintenance includes reactive oxygen species (ROS) regulation, DNA repair, fusion–fission, and mitophagy. Loss of function of these pathways leads to disease. Mitochondria are the oxygen-consuming power plants of cells. They provide a critical milieu

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Date/Argentine Tango partner needed tonight in San Francisco

I am looking for a dancing partner/date to a live Argentine Tango music and dancing in San Francisco by Claudio Ortega. It starts at 8pm and my date or partners can pick me up in San Jose. I do not talk too much but I am not boring during the drive. I only talk about

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