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Anti-inflammatory diet relieves pain

Whole foods that contain the following foods and herbs have anti-inflammatory properties, relieve pain and promote cell growth and repair. Pain can be remedied with healthy whole food diet of foods and spices such as: Turmeric Studies have linked turmeric to reduced inflammation in a number of conditions, including psoriasis. The chemical responsible for turmeric’s

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Damage to Blood–brain barrier (BBB) pathways leading to Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia

Blood–brain barrier (BBB) pathways to neurodegeneration in dementia and Alzheimer’s disease (AD) A: In the normal capillary, there is an intact BBB composed of tightly joined endothelial cells and supported by mural pericytes, as shown in this simplified schematic. The BBB normally selectively regulates the passage of molecules from blood to brain and vice versa,

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Anti-arthritis oil and balm for sale, first launch

  Dear Friends,    See you all Sat and Sunday afternoon at my San Jose house to launch my first product, an anti-arthritis balm/oil which can be used internally or externally. It is priced around $50 per 16 oz container.  Your feedback is important to me. I will announce this at my blog today, .

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