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Keeping our brain healthy from birth to 100

Keeping our brain healthy from birth to 100 December 1,2018 at JCC in Palo Alto California Speakers and event sponsors are welcome. All older adults are invited. 2-5pm, Bldg D room Tips for healthy brain Other speakers: Connie Dello Buono – Health blogger and Motherhealth caregivers founder at Contact for details or text

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Knowing more about our brain for longevity

Researchers report a thyroid hormone is critical for the earliest stages of brain development

Exercise and the brain

In a new study, researchers suggest the link between brain health and exercise could be a product of our evolutionary history and our hunter-gatherer past.Researchers document not only the behavioral and cognitive effects of a single exercise session, but also the neurochemical and neurophysiological changes. new study finds those who exercise have a reduced risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease

Caring for Dementia – broken brains documentary

Many seniors who had Dementia, stroke, Alzheimer or Parkinson had brain fog. Do they live in a toxic environment? What about their diet? Their lifestyle?

In search for the solution, I am surrounded by seniors with Parkinson, Dementia, Stroke, and cancer.  Many lived a healthy life but with extra sugar, more work and less sleep, more stress, processed foods, toxic water and air and living spaces and more.

Email about your experience with brain fog and how you conquered it. How you regained your sleeping habits just like when you are younger. And how you recovered from a mental illness.


How the Brain Recognizes Familiar Faces

How the Brain Recognizes Familiar Faces Summary: Researchers discover two new areas of the brain involved in facial processing. Source: Rockefeller University. There’s nothing quite like the rush of recognition that comes from seeing a familiar face. But scientists have been hard-pressed to explain how we identify well-known faces–or how that process differs from the

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