How to have healthy blood flow to your heart?

I believe that a healthy blood flow to the heart starts with clean alkaline blood processed by a healthy liver free from toxins such as drugs, alcohol and toxic medications (narcotics).  Consumption of foods rich in nutrients such as folate, Vitamin C and B and L-arginine amino acid can prevent mitochondrial damage.  Example of foods […]

Measles – virus prevention

Measles — Everything You Need to Know About This … – Dr. Mercola Know more about measles, how this viral disease spreads, its symptoms and how you can prevent and treat it. Dissolving Illusions About the Measles Vaccine – Dr. Mercola…/dissolving-illusions-measles-vaccine.aspx Mar 24, 2015 – In the past 12 years, CDC reports that no one […]

Vitamin C and A for vision and to fight cancer and other invading organisms

Vitamin C (water soluble) and A (fat soluble) for vision and cancer fighting properties: both from colored fruits and veggies Signs that you are low in Vitamin C and A is when your vision is weak and you get allergies and get tired or sick easily. Eat Vit A (afternoon) together with good fatty foods […]

How to hack your health – knowing how your body reacts to the environment

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