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Vitamins to take while working out

What are the best vitamins to take while working out?

Zinc – 30mg a day for testosterone replenishing. Zinc is diminished easily through a workout.
Protein – bodyweight in pounds x 1gram
Omega 3 – Cardiovascular health
B Complex Vitamin – Metabolizing fats proteins and carbs
Magnesium and Calcium – 400mg: 600 mg for muscle and bone
Vitamin E – 200 IU per day for antioxidant health
Fiber, carotenoid (whole foods, raisins, pears,apples,onions,garlic)

How diet can change your epigenome and affect cancer and chromatin of DNA

When you look at yourself in the mirror you may ask, ‘How, given that all the cells in my body carry the same DNA, can my organs look so unlike and function so differently?’ With the recent progress in epigenetics, we are beginning to understand. We now know that cells use their genetic material in different ways: genes are switched on and off, resulting in the astonishing level of differentiation within our bodies.

Epigenetics describes the cellular processes that determine whether a certain gene will be transcribed and translated into its corresponding protein. The message can be conveyed through small and reversible chemical modifications to chromatin (figure 1). For example, the addition of acetyl groups (acetylation) to DNA scaffold proteins (histones) enhances transcription. In contrast, the addition of methyl groups (methylation) to some regulatory regions of the DNA itself reduces gene transcription. These modifications, together with other regulatory mechanisms, are particularly important during development – when the exact timing of gene activation is crucial to ensure accurate cellular differentiation – but continue to have an effect into adulthood.

Nutrition Services are tax deductible

The Internal Revenue Service ruled in April 2002 that “uncompensated amounts paid by individuals for participation in a weight-loss program as treatment for a specific disease or diseases (including obesity) diagnosed by a physician are expenses for medical care that are deductible, subject to certain limitations. The cost of purchasing diet food items is not deductible.” This ruling allows taxpayers who pay for services related to their disease or weight condition to deduct those expenses.