Poor sleep may increase your risk of disease

A poor night’s sleep not only makes getting through the day difficult, it also may increase your risk of disease, especially if you suffer from chronic lack of sleep. Inadequate sleep has been associated with obesity, diabetes, stroke, heart disease and cancer. Studies in recent years have identified a relationship between lack of sleep and […]

Neuroinflammation and Tau Interact with Amyloid in Predicting Sleep Problems in Aging Independently of Atrophy

Sleep problems relate to brain changes in aging and disease, but the mechanisms are unknown. Studies suggest a relationship between β-amyloid (Aβ) accumulation and sleep, which is likely augmented by interactions with multiple variables. Here, we tested how different cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) biomarkers for brain pathophysiology, brain atrophy, memory function, and depressive symptoms predicted self-reported […]

Sound Waves Enhance Deep Sleep and Memory

Summary: Gentle noise stimulation can enhance sleep quality and improve memory in older people, a new study reports. Source: Northwestern University. Pink noise synced to brain waves deepens sleep and boosts memory in older adults. Gentle sound stimulation — such as the rush of a waterfall — synchronized to the rhythm of brain waves significantly […]