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Anxiety issues as we get older

As I am taking care of a 90 yr old with Dementia, I noticed anxiety issues at night. I calmed her with whole foods, massage, hugs, safe environment and consistent in home senior care. I ensure that the room temperature is just right. I give her melatonin and whole foods of soups with complete protein, fats and carbs (rich in magnesium and calcium). I warm her body with massage oil of coconut oil and ginger. She is one of the few seniors who do not take anti-anxiety medications. I give her free space as she is at times combative, an early Dementia state.  Wish her podiatrist comes soon as she has long nails. In the morn as my shift ends, I kiss her forehead and say I love you and see you next week and she answers, “maybe”.

Aging hacks

Can we avoid so many medications at age 90? Can we still have our memory and be able to dance at 90?  Walking is impaired in most cases of Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson. We need to take care of our brain , avoiding inflammatory substances.

As I am taking care of many seniors in their 90s, one positive thing that separates each one from being bed ridden and not is an intact brain free from inflammation, stroke, Dementia, Alzheimer and Parkinson. How can we avoid these neuro-degenerative disorders?

Over-medication, stress, absence of whole foods, lack of exercise and adequate sleep and less social and family support network are common among those who are bed-ridden. Many brush off pain and just take OTC medications for pain.

My scientist friend asked how to detox or clean his body from toxins

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Tag team in home care with family members and pay out of pocket for senior care expense

California Elder Care Costs for 2016 California Assisted Living Costs: The average cost of assisted living in California in 2016 is $4,000 / month. In the most expensive areas of the state; Marin County, which includes the San Francisco area, San Mateo, San Luis Obispo, and Santa Cruz, the monthly cost ranges from $4,800 –

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