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Caregivers for your parents

Motherhealth caregivers in the bay area are caring and compassionate. We know how to be proactive to avoid emergencies. We do light housekeeping, health monitoring, cooking, assistance in daily living and more. Some of our caregivers have more than 15 yrs of experience but we still train them to match the needs of the clients.Continue reading “Caregivers for your parents”

Home health holistic care tips July 2021

Seeking collaborators. Please send in your articles on what you want covered in the upcoming ebook about home health for the 50plus until death. Topics: hospice care, home care, caregivers, cancer, tube feeding, death, appetite, constipation, oxygen use, medications, anxiety, exercise, nutrition, herbs, alternative medicine, pets, music, massage, oils This ebook on holistic home healthContinue reading “Home health holistic care tips July 2021”

About cancer, what can you do about it?

Cancer cells are abnormal and takes over your normal cell functions and will deplete your body with important nutrients. Sounds like parasites, molds, fungus and other microbes inhabiting us and all of a sudden becomes our enemies devouring our good cells. When death occurs, they come out as black matter from liquid running out ourContinue reading “About cancer, what can you do about it?”

How we do home care for those who are in hospice care in the bay area

We are often called by hospice nurses to care for seniors in hospice in their homes. We provide comforting presence, massage and home care, non medical. Many of them cry to us and we hug them and massage their aching bodies. You can tell from their faces that this is the only time they experiencedContinue reading “How we do home care for those who are in hospice care in the bay area”

Caregiving advice

A family in San Jose is looking for reliever for their caregiver sister for their mother with Dementia from Wed to Sat and can afford only $15 per hour. I suggested they get a sitter from their community whom they can train and speaks their own language. Important to train on home emergencies such asContinue reading “Caregiving advice”

Comparison of home care agencies

Motherhealth vs Family Matters, Joinhonor, Home Care Assistance or other agencies With Motherhealth caregivers, there is a case coordinator who monitors and trains caregivers regularly and care for clients when the caregiver is not available such as driving, and other extra care tasks. Motherhealth also ensures that the client gets holistic home care with useContinue reading “Comparison of home care agencies”

When a cancer or internist doctor advice for 24/7 home care

Doctors are recommending 24/7 home care with a caregiver to help a patient with terminal illness or a senior in hospice care be comforted and have a companion while being home-bound or bed-bound. A caregiver can bring personalize care that family members cannot provide. There are more tasks that a 12 hour shift or live-inContinue reading “When a cancer or internist doctor advice for 24/7 home care”

Music therapy for all health issues

MUSIC THERAPY IN ACTION Music has shown positive effects in a variety of patient populations for improving symptoms related to different diseases and disorders. Here’s a sampling of some of the more common uses of music therapy. PATIENT POPULATION NONMUSIC BEHAVIORS Autism spectrum disorder Movement, communication, speech and language, social skills, attention, cognition, activities ofContinue reading “Music therapy for all health issues”

Caregivers care for patients based on trajectories of diseases

Different trajectories for different diseases A century ago, death was typically quite sudden, and the leading causes were infections, accidents, and childbirth. Today sudden death is less common, particularly in Western, economically developed, societies. Towards the end of life, most people acquire a serious progressive illness—cardiovascular disease, cancer, and respiratory disorders are the three leadingContinue reading “Caregivers care for patients based on trajectories of diseases”

We do not want to die with no one beside us

It is comforting for us that our mother is beside us whenever we are sick as a young child. My brothers even they are in their 50s still call my mother to be at their side giving them massage as if her hands can heal. But it is true, my mother’s hands can heal. ItContinue reading “We do not want to die with no one beside us”

I am the go to caregiver for hospice bay area senior clients

I meet them when they are terminally ill. They still talk but weak. I touch their feet, dry nails and sometimes with fungus. As I massage their chest with eucalyptus oil, they take their few breaths while attached to their oxygen. I also massage their stomach as they lay their hands on it and controllingContinue reading “I am the go to caregiver for hospice bay area senior clients”

California’s End of Life Option Act

California’s End of Life Option Act was passed on October 5, 2015 and entered into effect June 9, 2016. The law allows mentally capable, terminally ill patients to request “Aid-in-Dying” — a prescription for a medication that will end their life at their own chosen time. Connie’s comments: For terminally ill senior patients, the hospiceContinue reading “California’s End of Life Option Act”

How did we transition from disease symptoms to hospice

How did we transition from disease symptoms to hospice care? As we age due to lack of exercise, over medicated or over drugged, alcohol,smoking,exposure to toxins, lack of sleep,lack of nutrition, overworked, full of stress, and other chronic health issues (environmental or genetic in origin), our bodies are bombarded with inflammatory substances that burn ourContinue reading “How did we transition from disease symptoms to hospice”