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$300 plus per day in nursing or rehab care

Take care of your health now if you do not have long term care insurance as the cost of long term care is high. Caregivers or home care aid cost around $25 to $35 per hour depending on level of care. We have helped many seniors using holistic care complimenting their current care with lots

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Sandwich gen caregiving roles and costs in 1999 and 2017

Today, sandwich generation still do the same roles and same health issues when taking care of their parents. Costs are a little higher. There is In Home Support Services (IHSS) for low income families.  Some companies allow more family leave.  There is the smart phone that facilitate coordination among care teams from caregivers to family members. And other gadgets. But human caregiving, hugs, kisses and massage are the most important component of caregiving. Bed ridden seniors need care and attention.  Caregivers , families and care teams must unite to remove obstacles in caregiving and to facilitate a team that can easily respond to the needs of home bound seniors with Alzheimer, Parkinson , Dementia, Stroke and other chronic health issues.

Anxiety issues as we get older

As I am taking care of a 90 yr old with Dementia, I noticed anxiety issues at night. I calmed her with whole foods, massage, hugs, safe environment and consistent in home senior care. I ensure that the room temperature is just right. I give her melatonin and whole foods of soups with complete protein, fats and carbs (rich in magnesium and calcium). I warm her body with massage oil of coconut oil and ginger. She is one of the few seniors who do not take anti-anxiety medications. I give her free space as she is at times combative, an early Dementia state.  Wish her podiatrist comes soon as she has long nails. In the morn as my shift ends, I kiss her forehead and say I love you and see you next week and she answers, “maybe”.

How to be an IHSS caregiver provider

These steps will help you be registered as an IHSS caregiver provider in Santa Clara county:

Complete application as In home support provider service – IHSS for Santa Clara county at
Watch 6 IHSS videos
Go to 2115 The Alameda San Jose CA 95126 office to complete the form and get ID picture taken.
Get fingerprinted for $12 at a local UPS.
Attend an hour orientation every Friday, Oct 20 and 27.
Wait for your certification in the mail.
Get trained by Connie as caregiver, text 408-854-1883 and help in marketing to get your first client. 

Do you need a caring bay area caregiver asap?

We know what is best for our parents. They live alone. You are not happy with their current care. You can only afford so much. And you want your parents to be happy with a caring caregiver. Call or text 408-854-1883. Bay area and nearby cities for live in 24-hour care. We provide holistic care which includes massage, caring companion, cooking, light housekeeping and other assistance in daily living.