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How to find caregivers or sitter in nursing home or your home

You can google for senior home care (city our county) or talk to the social worker to give you referrals. In the bay area, Motherhealth caregivers can refer you to a caregiver that matches your parents home care needs. Text 408-854-1883 for fast response. We include cooking gourmet and healthy meals, massage, light housekeeping andContinue reading “How to find caregivers or sitter in nursing home or your home”

Senior apartments: The Terraces of Los Gatos

I love the high end senior apartments at the Terrace of Los Gatos. They also have affordable senior apartments in various locations in California. I saw couples living in these senior apartments with nursing facility. https://www.humangood.org/housing-options/senior-communities Check out these videos at their site: https://www.humangood.org/resources/videos?__hssc=53906487.3.1500659593178&__hstc=53906487.e1bd124990d39cb78bddd47eec7b6b93.1500576523662.1500576523662.1500659593178.2&__hsfp=3010557237&hsCtaTracking=bd6a2b6a-1368-48bb-8dbf-cde97115fc68%7C188824e0-e41d-4b76-96ad-ec6432903924  The Levels of Care in Senior Living CCRCs. Life Plan Communities.Continue reading “Senior apartments: The Terraces of Los Gatos”

Back in the bay area

Dear Friends, I am back in the bay area and gained 12 lbs from eating Puerto Rican foods, lots of them. Three months allowed me to relax but the warm bonds with family and friends in the bay area will strengthen my body more. I have a health cap that heals on the cellular level,Continue reading “Back in the bay area”