Bring home your parents in skilled nursing facilities with our caregivers

Text 408-854-1883 if your need caregivers at home for your parents who are now in skilled nursing facility. We have live-in and 12-hour care at affordable price. Caregivers are trained and monitored to match home care needs of your parents who wanted to go home and not be in a skilled nursing facility.

Less virus at home than in the facilities.

Some skilled nursing facilities are training our caregivers to be ready for the transition of seniors from facility to their homes.

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Treats clients like family with caregivers and PT massaging seniors at home

We are hiring Physical therapists and caregivers to be trained to give holistic care to seniors in facilities and their homes. All seniors in assisted living facilities and nursing homes need one on one care from caregivers , nurses and physical therapists who treat them life family. Care services includes health monitoring, massage, light housekeeping and assistance in daily living from caregivers matched to your needs.

408-854-1883 or for faster response.

Live with less pain, more hugs and massage.

Be with caring companions and caregivers.

Physical therapists that give extra time and attention.


Why many senior care home owners in the bay area are closing their business

Caring for seniors take a lot of energy and compassion. Some senior residential care facility owners are retiring and can no longer be an administrator for 24/7 in home care in the bay area. Some of their caregivers are loyal and some are not and giving them headaches.

But the biggest obstacle in the business is the high cost of home mortgage and taxes that the net profit is getting smaller with employee salaries and house upkeep.

Their children do not want to own the same kind of business as their parents (who are care home owners and caregivers at the same time – changing diapers and bathing seniors who are bedridden or dying).

Some younger generation have no patience in caring for seniors and wanted to follow their own passion.

Most loyal caregivers who are still in the business are older and perform above and beyond their job description (assistance in daily living, light housekeeping , massage, cooking).

Email if you are a former care home owner and wanted to leave the business for other options for your business and houses.

And if you need a caregiver for your parents in their own homes, we have compassionate caregivers for home-bound seniors 24/7.



World, give me more bay area seniors who need 24/7 caregivers

I can refer them to care homes and other care team from hospice nurses, massage therapist, doctors, home helpers , companion, drivers, cook to caregivers.

There is a gap in health care. You cannot leave nursing homes or skilled nursing facilities without 24/7 care at home. You cannot heal at the hospital for you need loving care at home.

You cannot be alone, now that you are older, home bound and needing 24/7 non medical in home care.

You need a cook, massage therapist, driver, house cleaner and assistance in daily living.

What good is a house worth so much when your body is needing 24/7 care.

Some of your family members might have no time with their 2 jobs, big family and life.

They might give up on you.

But Motherhealth caregivers will not give up on you.

We are looking for business partners, families who wanted to share their homes with seniors, those who wanted to donate their real estate in promoting senior health with no limits, boundaries or high cost. We need seniors who need 24/7 non medical in home care. We need marketers and seniors to volunteer. We give free training online and in person.

We monitor caregivers and seniors. We give massage to seniors and train all people in the care team to give massage based on senior health care needs.

Contact Connie at 408-854-1883 or if you want to help a senior, a neighbor or the community where you live, the bay area.

1708 Hallmark Lane, San Jose CA 95124


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