When to hire a live-in or 12-hour caregiver in the bay area

Seniors who are in hospice and with no help at home, needs a live-in care.

Seniors in the bay area with family at home, only need 12-hour care per doctor’s recommendation.

Sometimes, it is cheaper to have a live-in caregiver when you have a room for the caregiver. It is recommended when you are far from the bay area and need 24-hour care per doctor’s recommendation.

Most of the time, caregiving fee is a factor in hiring a live in or 12-hour home care.

Let us help you find a matching caregiver based on your 12-hour home care or live-in care needs. Our caregivers are trained and monitor to match your home care needs in the bay area. Caregivers prepare healthy meals and include massage in their home care.

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Save $50 per day in-home senior care , caregiving tips and prevent emergencies

Some caregivers need a room and board and can work as live-in caregiver in return for affordable senior care, in home care (non-medical). Motherhealth can match you with caregivers who will work for live-in based on your affordability and level of care and add-on services in exchange for a room and board.

Text 408-854-1883 for a matched caregiver based on your in home care as you journey into health issues of old age/chronic disease.

Know that there is someone at home who can help prevent emergencies and will save you money from calling 911 all the time.

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Calculate between $17 to $26 per hour for caregiver or home care aid for 12-hour shift.

$20 per hour x 12-hour shift = $240

With live-in care , you can haveĀ  this price with the benefit of a live-in caregiver. Call or text 408-854-1883 for a calculation based on services you need and level of care of your seniors.

We match your service needs from gourmet cooking, massage, assistance in daily living, pet care, light housekeeping and more.

Intangible benefits include less emergencies or 911 calls, personalize care, reduced incidence of bed sore and pneumonia, thriving and not regressing with gourmet healthy meals and more.

How many hours should a caregiver work? 12-hours for those needing health monitoring, in hospice and need extra care to prevent bed sore, pneumonia, agitation, pain and other needs. Live-in to prevent emergencies for those bed-ridden and cannot tend to themselves.

How much does 24 7 in home care cost? $240-$500 per day

How much do you pay a caregiver overnight? $15 x 10 = $150 to $240 per night

Can a family member get paid to be a caregiver? Yes , be an In Home Health Support Service provider, search Santa Clara County IHSS provider enrollment. The county pays $13 per hour. Watch 6 videos online, attend 1 hour orientation and pay $12 Live Scan finger print at nearby UPS.


Treats clients like family with caregivers and PT massaging seniors at home

We are hiring Physical therapists and caregivers to be trained to give holistic care to seniors in facilities and their homes. All seniors in assisted living facilities and nursing homes need one on one care from caregivers , nurses and physical therapists who treat them life family. Care services includes health monitoring, massage, light housekeeping and assistance in daily living from caregivers matched to your needs.

408-854-1883 or motherhealth@gmail.com for faster response.

Live with less pain, more hugs and massage.

Be with caring companions and caregivers.

Physical therapists that give extra time and attention.


Senior care consultant to help you navigate the care of your aging parents

There are many ways to care for your aging parents. Knowing the health, financial, legal, caregiving, limitations, holistic healing and other healing ways to attend to the needs of your aging parents are important.

You might need a day companion or non medical caregiver beside your parent who is now in a nursing home.

You might need a care team to monitor daily both your parents , the house , medications and caregivers.

We can guide you.

Email motherhealth@gmail.com


It is like going to a doctor’s office or ER. When presented with a groin pain, the admitting nurse, PA or NP asks you standard questions. What is the level of your pain now? Other questions will determine if you have clots, aneuryism, vascular health issues, stroke, hernia and then a blood and urine test is taken. Your BP is measured and some times they will inspect your legs. The patient questionnaire is old and not updated based on many new medical and non medical research, findings and best practice.

That is why a real artificial intelligence in the health care industry is hard to define and set a standard.

But not knowing other factors, what you did 3 days ago, what did you eat, what kind of working environment do you have and past health issues will be a disadvantage to predict the root cause of your health issue.

The medical narrative, caregiving needs and matching the care needed for your aging parents takes a village and must consider many factors and solutions.

Let us help you.


How to find calmness , a caregiver at your side

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Email motherhealth@gmail.com on how to find calmness in your life.

Anxiety is the number one health issue of seniors.

We ensure that they are calm. We give them good sleep, massage, whole foods and a companion they can trust. But at times, they could not sleep. Melatonin have helped them.

For most bay area seniors, they worry about the house they left behind since they are now living in a care home for seniors.

For those who live alone, they worry about sales calls, sales people knocking on their door, their finances and many other worries.

We help remove some of these anxieties for seniors in the bay area who need assistance in daily living , a caregiver or home helper. Cities we serve for non medical in home caregiving includes Atherton, Los Altos, Palo Alto, Peninsula, Santa Clara county, Saratoga, Los Gatos and nearby cities.