Personal or home care aide – caregiver responsibilities

In a bigger community – assisted living facility, a home care or personal aide shall perform the following duties.

  • Provides direct and indirect client care elements to clients under the direction of a case manager.
  • Uses appropriate and safe techniques in personal hygiene.
  • Adheres to plan of care for home health aide or personal aide.
  • Observe, report and document client status
  • Maintain a clean safe environment.
  • Assure adequate nutrition and fluid intake.
  • Recognizes emergencies and knows protocols.
  • Safely transfer and ambulate client.
  • Maintains confidentiality.
  • Help maintain the client’s physical and mental well being.
  • Assist the family to care for their family member and at times relieving the family of such care.
  • Encouraging the family to try new ways to provide care and support by using techniques that help the individual achieve the maximum possible level of physical, mental, emotional and social well being.
  • Attends in-services or training as required.
  • May perform other duties as assigned.

For caregivers serving clients in their homes instead of a larger nursing or assisted living facilities, light housekeeping is included and other tasks such as cooking, shopping, driving, laundry, and ensuring the environment is safe and care is coordinated with pharmacists and other health care professionals for medical appointment and client’s well being maintenance.

Important skill sets: Learn CPR, First Aid, nursing care for bedridden clients, grooming, medication management, and other caregiving tips. Always have a heart when performing your job, as your smile and happy disposition helps ease anxiety from clients.

At Motherhealth, our caregivers are trained to give healing massage to our older adult/senior clients. And always be sensitive to the regular routine of the clients and their needs.

Salary varies depending on level of care and ability to pay, salary range from $15 to $25 per hr. Client fee also varies from $20 to $32 per hr.

Live in fees for clients depends on level of care. It starts from $250 to $350 per 24hr care.

Motherhealth is hiring caregivers, personal aide, home care aide and CNA. Text/call 408-8541883 or email of your availability.

Training is offered. Get certified by Motherhealth to be a caregiver. Email or text your contact info.

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Loving bay area caregivers 408-854-1883

motherhealth caregivers brochure

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Motherhealth caregivers provide assistance in daily living, light housekeeping, massage, gourmet and healthy cooked meals, physical therapy ROM – exercises, companion and more.

Gene-based diet weekly schedule

Gene-based heart healthy recipe

A personalized recipe recommendations to meet your dietary needs and preferences.

Notes for Sunday and Saturday prep tips: Seek farmer’s market produce, cut fruits/veggies in cubes and store in portion bag in freezer for Mon-Friday smoothie, soup, or steamed veggie recipe.  If you cook a big batch of chicken or beef broth soup, store in freezer some portion (liquid) to be added to soups later.

Ingredient lists for shopping

Organic chicken or beef meat with bones, onions, garlic, carrots, celery, cilantro, yams, plantain banana, potatoes, wild salmon (broiled with rosemary and ginger), ginger, bell pepper, mushrooms,parsley,bay leaf,thyme

Heart healthy soup


Prep tips

Make a broth from chicken or beef bones and divide into portion and store half of the liquid for future use in soups. Add more onions, carrots, celery and garlic and use a blender for easy digestion for seniors or babies. Be sure to throw bones before serving. Always start with sauteiing garlic and onions and meat before adding other ingredients and water for the soup. Broiled wild salmon with garlic, ginger, salt and onions, serve with brown rice and chicken or beef broth soup.

Schedule tips

Saturday, Sunday and Wed

Health benefits of ingredients

Omega 3, Vit E and D, Vit C, magnesium and calcium, potassium-rich, sulfur-rich

And more…..

Gene-based immune system healthy recipe

Ingredient lists for shopping


Prep tips

Schedule tips

Health benefits of ingredients: Sulfur-rich foods, Vit C rich, zinc and Vitamin D, greens, rich in potassium, phosporous, omega 3 and greens

Gene-based circulatory system healthy recipe

Ingredient lists for shopping


Prep tips

Schedule tips

Health benefits of ingredients: Ginger, onions and garlic, red and green colored whole foods, good fats (avocado and walnuts),

Gene-based cleansing system for liver and kidneys healthy recipe

Ingredient lists for shopping


Prep tips

Schedule tips: Served daily in small portions

Health benefits of ingredients: Lemon for cleansing, garlic, onions and sulfur rich (yellow) foods, more soups, less on raw foods (greens are half cooked), and all foods consumed between 11am to 8pm.

Gene-based regenerating healthy recipe

Ingredient lists for shopping


Prep tips

Schedule tips

Health benefits of ingredients: Yellow and red colored whole foods, pickled veggies, good protein (softer), whole foods (mostly cooked-not over cooked)

Gene-based wholesome for the teens healthy recipe

Ingredient lists for shopping


Prep tips

Schedule tips

Health benefits of ingredients: more on healthy carbs (yams), protein rich and equal amount of good fats (avocado, walnuts,others)

Please email any suggested recipes to



For seniors and cancer patients with no appetite

Some seniors have no appetite.  Here are some caregiving tips after bathing seniors in the morn:

  • Brighten up your dining table, get seniors some fresh air and morning sunshine after their bath.
  • Serve colorful food in small servings.
  • After a small meal some caregivers give a nutritional drink such as Boost or Ensure.

brighten up dining tableBoost


The bitter boost (gentian root, wormwood, blessed thistle)

The before-dinner drink, or aperitif, had its origin in the Roman practice of drinking wine infused with bitter herbs to counteract the effects of overeating. Bitters increase the appetite by stimulating the taste buds, which “advise” the brain to send signals increasing the secretion of saliva, gastric juices, and digestive enzymes, all of which are necessary for the digestive tract to process food with maximum efficiency.

You may already have bitters on hand in your liquor cabinet. A few drops of Angostura in a glass of tonic water with a splash of lime juice can serve as a simple and effective aperitif. Commercial bitters and aperitifs all contain a variety of bitter and aromatic herbs. These may include blessed thistle tops, rhubarb root, juniper berries, wormwood leaves, cinchona bark, and the king of bitter digestive herbs, gentian root.

The before-dinner drink, or aperitif, had its origin in the Roman practice of drinking wine infused with bitter herbs to counteract the effects of overeating.

Three cancer signs: loss of appetite, loss of weight, chronic (health issues) such as coughing and others. See a doctor always as preventative and another doctor for second opinion.  Listen to your body.

Diet for the elderly

A personalised nutrition approach
Micronutrients such as zinc, copper and selenium play a pivotal role in a range of physiological functions and maintain immune and antioxidant systems (Eugenio Mocchegiani et al.). The complex interactions between micronutrients and genes could help in understanding how best to use nutrients as supplements in clinical practice. Further genetic and nutritional studies are required to clearly define the impact of these micronutrients.
Targeting the human gut microbiome (Sebastiano Collino et al.) is an emerging field of personalised nutrition. This approach could help to identify key molecular mechanisms affected by diet and inflammaging, and lead to basic profiles of health and diagnostic tools to address conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease.
Three papers cover the interaction between diet and the gut microbiota (Candela et al.), the effect of an elderly tailored diet on cognitive decline and brain and gut connections, including the liver and pancreas (Caracciolo et al.). Nutritional interventions such as low calorie intake with nutrient supplementation can impact an individual’s cell epigenetic profile e.g. DNA methylation, microRNA and organs (Bacalini et al.). Better knowledge of gene interactions with nutrients and the environment may lead to earlier interventions of malnutrition in people (Yves Boirie et al.). And more genomic information may identify impacts of general health recommendation policies in at-risk, elderly sub-populations.
The effect of diet on immunosenescence, which is the functional decline of the immune system (Maijo´ et al.), and changes that happen in ageing fat tissue (Zamboni et al.) are both assumed to be major sources of inflammation. Nutritional interventions have shown some promising results in targeting some impairments of an ageing immune system; combining interventions with a whole diet approach could be more beneficial.
It is commonly known that physical exercise can benefit health and age-related decline. In one study (van de Rest et al.), resistance-type exercises, using a number of body techniques and workout machines, with and without protein supplementation, was undertaken to see the effect on cognitive functions in frail and pre-frail elderly people. After 24 weeks of training a beneficial improvement was noted in participants’ information processing speed, attention and working memory.

food pyramid

danish italian senior dietgut bacteria eats GABAkle1738GABAitaconateselenium rich foodalcohol stomach

Steps in hiring a caregiver with Motherhealth

  1. We help qualify your caregiver based on the health needs of your parents with Alzheimer’s , Parkinson’s or other health issues that need 24/7 care or at least 4hr care each day.
  2. We help train and monitor your caregivers who needs to tag team with us to ensure that all the caregiving needs of your parents are met at home.
  3. We ensure that caregivers are ready when you need them so that we have relievers (second caregivers) and shift workers (3 shifts of 8hrs each) for 24/7 or a similar shift assignment.
  4. We respond within 24hrs of your call to find the caregiver based on your location and schedule.
  5. We take care of our caregivers so that they can take care of your parents who are seniors homebound and need assistance in daily living (bathing, feeding, med mgt, transferring, elimination, dressing, exercise, light housekeeping, driving to appointments and more).
  6. We help in ensuring that your house is senior safe, where falls and other emergencies are avoided.
  7. We take care of your seniors like a family, being a loving and caring companion, making them smile and laugh, respecting their dignity, massaging their aching bodies and more.


Caregivers at Motherhealth

Caregivers at Motherhealth

  • They can choose to be W2 or 1099.  And still get medical insurance.
  • They earn more when clients give them a rating of 10 and a minimum pay when rating is lower than 5.
  • They can work with other agencies we can partner with in the mobile application platform, coming soon.
  • They are given the tools they need to keep the client happy. Caregiving tips that are written by other high performing caregivers.
  • They can ask our staff nurses on any medical and non medical related questions to help them in their job.
  • They can receive a referral fee of $100 or more per client and per caregiver they refer.
  • They can own stocks in the company based on performance rating and number of clients served within 1 year of working with us.
  • They can get a car lease with poor or no credit with help of Motherhealth car lease program to high performing caregivers (worked at least 40hrs per week and been with the company for 6months).
  • They become partner marketer in the second year with the company given another job description as they prepare to co-own the company. Motherhealth have trusted and compassionate caregivers assisting homebound seniors with daily living (light housekeeping,c ooking, driving, ADLs). Email your resume, references, availability and desired location to to be a caregiver who cares in 50 US states.
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