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Teladoc’s membership swelled to 17.5 million, a 43 percent increase year-over-year. The company recorded 310,467 visits for the fourth quarter, up 68 percent from Q4 2015. There were 952,081 for the year, representing a 65 percent jump. Total revenue was $37.4 million for the fourth quarter of 2016, representing an increase of 65 percent from last year. Similarly, the full year revenue was up by 59 percent, bringing Teladoc’s 2016 total to $123.2 million

“During the year, we completed our company’s 2 millionth telehealth visit, representing savings through our clients in the U.S. healthcare system of over $900 million,” Gorevic said on the call.  “As context, it took us about 12 years to reach our first million visits, while only 14 months for our second million. This clearly signals the inflection point in overall telehealth adoption.”


Health data from Wearables can be an incentive for doctors

Decline in Adverse Drug Events Linked to Use of Health Information Technology

Adverse drug events fell by 67,000 between 2010 and 2013 as the result of the federal “meaningful use” program that offered financial incentives to hospitals for using certified electronic health records, according to a new AHRQ study. Adverse drug events are harms experienced by a patient as a result of exposure to a medication. They affect nearly 5 percent of hospitalized patients and can be deadly. To minimize such harms, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services initiated the meaningful use program in 2010, awarding financial incentives to hospitals and physicians who adopted specific information technology (IT) capabilities.

Doctors and patients can benefit from home health monitoring using Wearables.

Knowing important health vitals generated from the Worldgn wearable can help the health care team (health consumers, family members and doctors) be more proactive.

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For complete health screen from Exome DNA tests, blood panel tests, gut microbiome DNA test and wearables with personalized health coaching, email Connie at motherhealth@gmail.com

This is less than $2,000 value health screen compared to the $25,000 from another site that includes MRI scan.

For caregivers for homebound seniors in the bay area, text 408-854-1883 for 24-hr response. Please email ( motherhealth@gmail.com ) your contact and address and health condition of your parents or love ones to match your caregiving needs with caregivers. Min 4hrs or live-in at $18 per hr or $250 per 24-hr.

Exome sequence test to know the health of your cells, give this gift to your family

You can give family and friends the ability to discover how well their cells can maintain health and prevent health issues with Exome genetic test , a $500 cost with bioinformatics but you will still need to work with a genetic counselor. We will include a personalize diet plan after your genetic counselor analyze the bioinformatics from our genetic test lab in Davis, California. This test is done via a saliva.

Exome sequencing provides a cost-effective alternative to whole genome sequencing as it targets only the protein coding region of the human genome responsible for a majority of known disease related variants. Whether you are conducting studies in rare Mendelian disorders, complex disease, cancer research, or human population studies, our lab partner’s comprehensive human whole exome sequencing service provides a high-quality, affordable and convenient solution.

Our lab partner’s bioinformatics analysis includes data QC, mapping with reference genome, SNP/InDel, somatic SNP/InDel calling, statistics and annotation. Our lab partner’s utilizes internationally recognized software in bioinformatics analysis, e.g. BWA, SAMtools, GATK, etc.

In particular, our lab partner’s bioinformatics pipeline includes annotation with the exome aggregation consortium (ExAC). ExAC dataset spans 60,706 unrelated individuals sequenced as part of various disease-specific and population genetic studies. This population scale database greatly facilitates research of disease pathogenesis.

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Health Care Data on chronic disease, hospitals, health insurance, California, New York, Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania


Organize to find cancer cure and build a support group



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Our cancer support group is open to all in the bay area. Doctors, hospital staff, families and other cancer problem solvers are welcome.

Two different payment pathways for physicians, proposed rule

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Two Payment Pathways for Physicians

See link above for the proposed rule.

Consistent with the law, the proposed rule creates 2 different payment pathways for physicians—alternative payment models (APMs) and the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS).

Inside Medicare’s New Payment System

Listen to industry experts and physician leaders discuss topics such as new payment models and quality reporting in this interview series from ReachMD™ and the AMA. Recent interviews include the following podcasts:

CMS Finalizes Historic Medicare Reform Law

A final rule released on Oct. 14, 2016 by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) details the final regulations for implementation of the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA), the historic Medicare reform law that repealed the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) formula last year. Read the AMA summary or view the key changes in the QPP final rule.

While the AMA is in the process of fully analyzing the regulations, a first review reveals that CMS responded to many of the concerns expressed by physicians about the proposed rule issued last spring. Read more about the details on AMA Wire®. Summaries, fact sheets and other CMS resources are available on the agency’s website.

The AMA will host educational webinar sessions to help physicians prepare and understand what the final rule means for their practice. Physicians and medical society staff are welcome. Both sessions will cover the same material. Register for Nov. 21st or register for Dec. 6th.

MACRA Resources

Predictive medicine for longevity and cancer cure with actionable health data





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