Tag: Alzheimer’s Disease

How to have a stronger immune system for Alzheimer’s disease protection

Massage, ketogenic diet, anti-inflammatory (sulfur rich foods like garlic, mushrooms, onions, greens, colored) foods and supplements, adequate sleep, sunshine or Vitamin D, less stress and a happy positive spirit will help strengthen your immune system for a healthy brain.  Acidic medications/drugs make your blood acidic which can travel to the brain carrying inflammatory or toxic substances.

Medicare reimburses cognitive and functional assessments and care planning

Under new Medicare reimbursement rules, cognitive and functional assessments and care planning for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive impairment are covered. The Alzheimer’s Association has created a toolkit for physicians with materials on assessing older adults’ functioning, the severity of their condition, neuropsychiatric symptoms, their safety at home and in outside settings, and the kind and extent of available caregiving support.

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