A platform for health consumers to stop cancer early and collaborate with health care teams

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Short Summary

  • I am Connie Dello Buono, health author and blogger at www.careme.live ( soon http://www.avatarcare.net )
    Since 2000, I have cared for seniors with cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinsons.
    My passion is help reduce chronic care costs, health education and personalize medicine using telemedicine.
  • This campaign will address cancer health issues, identifying root causes early, connecting with doctors real time, access to telemedicine and tele-clinics, matching providers using mobile application and a health application that will hep reduce chronic care costs.
  • As contributors, you will help achieve our goal of reducing chronic care costs thru telemedicine, personalize medicine and a health mobile application serving all population groups.

Motherhealth Inc

Management Team

  • Maddalena Adorno PhD, CTO. She is a professor at Stanford University Institute for Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine
  • Connie Dello Buono, CEO. She is a health author and completed her B.S in Mathematics with minor in Chemistry at Adamson University, Manila Philippines

What We Need & What You Get

  • $5000 of the funds will go to the mobile application developers and marketers.
  • Your unique perks will be a lifetime discount, 20%, in the many health apps that will come out of this first phase of the product.

The Impact

  • Avatarcare.net or Motherhealth aims to help health consumers navigate in their health issues and collaborations with health care professionals by providing a platform for them to order their genetic and lab tests, join in health care forums, learn about health care issues and prevention, set up appointment with others and health care teams, find and post health care jobs, video chats with doctors and a health concierge provided online and in the future, via a mobile application.
  • Globally, we can now correlate health data and provide valuable insights to all, scientists and the population.
  • Since 2000, I have been educating the public on health, wrote an ebook on women’s health, was pharmacy tech instructor, a senior care administrator and care provider, and quality assurance in many biotech and medical device companies in the USA.

Why some Google products failed?

By Lewis Lin

  1. Lack of vision. There are only so many people who can predict the future. Sundar Pichai was one of those rare individuals who saw the Chrome browser and Chromebook OS opportunity, despite daunting odds and endless customer naysaying.
  2. Lack of resources. When I was at Google, I believed Google Notebook had half an engineer working on it a few months out of the year. Hard to defend the fort if the guard tower is empty.
  3. Lack of insight. The Google Wave and Google Glass team worked hard, but both teams missed the critical insight that others realized. That is, Slack realized work messages belong to channels. And Google Glass was too dorky to wear in public.
  4. Lack of focus. Google+ included everything but the kitchen sink. It was an authentication service. And a commenting plug-in. And an address book. And a multi-user video conferencing feature. It felt and was designed by committee.
  5. Lack of trying. I believe Marissa Mayer once said, “There are great (product) ideas that are executed poorly.” In other words, we shouldn’t conclude an idea is flawed because it failed. After Google Answers shut down, it was wrong to conclude that the Internet didn’t want a Q&A service like http://www.QUORA.COM . It was more appropriate to conclude that Google Answers just implemented Q&A the wrong way.
  6. ———–

Connie’s comments: If the user designed the product, then the product will match what the user wants.  If the designer’s vision matches what is needed by the user, then the user wins. If the product is welcomed by of the user base, then it will be widely accepted and by word of mouth and will then go viral.

Dear Readers,

If you are caring for your parents, if you are a doctor and if you are like many of the consumers who wanted to reduce cost of chronic health care, what would you want to see in a Mobile health application?

Please email motherhealth@gmail.com of any features you want in the mobile health application such as video chat with health care providers, matching of care providers, monitoring of patient generated health data, genetic test health data and lab tests and more.

Also, I would like to invite all who wanted to be investors and participate in the development of this mobile health application by Motherhealth.

Our goal is to empower each patient to monitor and collect health data, learn from others, match care provider and reduce cost of chronic health care.


Connie Dello Buono