Must be free, easy to use innovative home care solutions

How do we adopt to the newest technologies that will help deliver home care solutions in consistent and useful way to the public and institutions?
Currently, caregivers uses cell phones for scheduling, training and
communications. A case manager from home care organization ensures consistency in care with one-on-one training to match caregivers care with the needs of the client.
Call 408-854-1883 or text Motherhealth caregivers in the bay area for loving caregivers and consistent home care.

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FDA and telehealth

Digital Health – FDA

Dec 7, 2017 – The broad scope of digital health includes categories such as mobile health (mHealth), health information technology (IT), wearable devicestelehealth and telemedicine, and personalized medicine. Providers and other stakeholders are using digital health in their efforts to: Reduce inefficiencies,; Improve …

Mobile Medical Applications – FDA

Jump to Does the FDA regulate mobile devices and mobile app stores? – FDA’s mobile medical apps policy does not consider entities that exclusively distribute mobile apps, such as the owners and operators of the “iTunes App store” or the “Google Play store,” to be medical device manufacturers.FDA’s …

Press Announcements > FDA approves first telehealth option to …

Nov 17, 2017 – “Programming adjustments to a cochlear implant are performed at specialized cochlear implant centers or at clinics by audiologists with expertise in cochlear implants. Being able to have a qualified audiologist program the device via telemedicine from a remote location can greatly reduce the burden to …

FDA regulates telemedicine on smart phones : CAMLAW … › New Regulation

As one law firm explains in Is Your Smart Phone An FDA-Regulated Medical Device? – FDA Announces Plans To Regulate “Mobile Medical Applications:”. The FDA views handheld computers loaded with these apps to be medical “devices” subject to extensive FDA regulation. The FDA’s draft guidance sets out its current …

FDA clears telehealth option to remotely program cochlear implants …

Nov 27, 2017 – FDA regulations · Telehealth · Mobile technology. print reprint. The Food and Drug Administration has approved the first telehealth option to remotely program electronic hearing devicescalled cochlear implants, rather than having audiologists make programming adjustments to them at specialized centers …

Thirty-six connected health apps and devices the FDA cleared in 2016 …

Dec 30, 2016 – While connected blood glucose monitors and devices incorporating heart rate sensors dominate the list, we also saw more apps and software … Medtronic received FDA clearance for its AVIVO Mobile Patient Management System, which continuously measures, records and periodically transmits data for …

FDA Establishes New Digital Health Unit « Center for Telehealth and e … › Telehealth Buzz

May 12, 2017 – On the new unit’s agenda: topics like wireless medical devicesmobile apps,telemedicine, software as a medical device, and interoperability, among others. The overall focus will be on bringing “regulatory clarity” to the relatively new and continually evolving industry. In particular, theFDA is seeking to …

FDA OKs Telemedicine Platform for Programming Cochlear Implants

Nov 20, 2017 – The announcement continues a string of FDA approvals over the past month of innovative telemedicine and mHealth devices. This one is designed to help the 58,000 adults and 38,000 children who have received cochlear implants since 2012. The implant is designed to electrically stimulate the nerves …

Remote Patient Monitoring Technologies Addressed by FDA

Jul 31, 2015 – Among the many mobile apps and devices that the FDA does consider under the definition of a medical device but does not pose any serious danger to patients … Another remote patient monitoring solution that’s made an impact is Authentidate’s telemedicine service, which has helped monitor the health of …

Why Mobile Health Applications Require FDA Regulation

Aug 5, 2015 – August 05, 2015 – If a medical device like a pacemaker was to be installed through surgery and hadn’t been thoroughly vetted by the proper agency, what patient would ever allow their doctor to go through with the surgery? It’s likely no such patient exists and healthcare advocates expect all medical …

5 min response via email when seeking for a caregiver for your bay area seniors

Uber respond within 5 minutes or you can cancel free of charge. Motherhealth caregivers can also respond within 5 mins from your email – – requesting a caregiver for your home bound seniors in the bay area who needs care 24/7 or 8-12 hours per day from a caring caregiver.

Search this site for nursing home, caregivers, home assistance , care homes , bay area seniors, elder care and more.

Motherhealth has been serving home health care for senior services since 2004. We monitor and train our caregivers. You need to state in your email the routine and care needed by your seniors. We do free home assessment on how to care more for your seniors, senior safe your house, medication management and more.

We can also call Uber for you. We add massage, cooking and light housekeeping in our service free of charge. We can also refer you to care homes in the bay area based on your requirements.

Call now, 408-854-1883, text caregiver needed in city A by tomorrow or date….

Our home health senior care service fee is based on level of care. If there is lifting, we charge a little more. We have clients who are hospice, with Alzheimer and/or Parkinsons. Many had strokes and has diabetes. We personalize our care with the needs of the seniors. We treat seniors like family.

card motherhealth

Other health care professionals are welcome to receive notifacations with 10% profit sharing by completing this form:

A mobile health app for matching care for home care agencies, doctors,nurses and consumers

Need: Caregivers/doctor/nurses for home bound bay area seniors/health consumers needing telemedicine or in person visit

Caregivers and home care agencies

All caregivers must enlist in anyone of the home care agencies in the bay area. Motherhealth is one of them hiring caregivers as independent contractors. Text your references and contact info at 408-854-1883 and via email at to be scheduled for training online/phone and in person.

Care-giver Email+Tel Home care agency City Availa-bility Case Mgr/Visiting Nurses Ref-erences
Name not shown to health consumers; shown after matching occurs From 100 list; Now accepting all contact info and email of all home care agencies Palo Alto In 24 hrs Only case mgr/with visiting nurse for care coordina-tion Checked /Not checked
In 2 days
In 3 days
In 1week
In 2weeks

Home care agencies will be notified of caregiving needs from the mobile health app and via email and/or text with health consumer summary of request.

Home care agencies price range per hour care with caregivers is from $18-$30 per hr depending on level of care. These home care agencies have case manager and vising nurses to visit and monitor client and caregivers.

Profit sharing to all health care pros

We help find the clients and help in monitoring, matching and payment and other admin tasks. Share in the profit. Takes between 5-10% of your income of which 10% are allocated for profit share to be distributed quarterly or yearly.

Summary of health care request from health consumers

Health consumers can use the app to enter city, desired health specialty or health care professional, start date and price range.
Clients that we serve included in the notes to health care pro: seniors, children,young adult,older adult,toddlers,autistic,post surgery,hospice or terminally ill clients,cancer clients, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson, stroke,and other health challenged clients.
Add in Note to health care pro: ambulatory,needs wheel chair transport,needs driver to appointments,needs physical therapy+caregiver,needs 24-hr care,uses catheter or GI tube,uses oxygen,other health issues.

Earn referral fees and/or profit sharing.

Client Email City Health care professional Week needed Video/
Electro-nic Sched/Notification Note to health care pro
Name available after matching address available after match-ing Caregiver/
physical therapist/
In 24 hrs Yes/No Email/text/phone
In 2 days
In 3 days
In 1week
In 2weeks


Doctors can soon do telemedicine with Motherhealth with profit sharing

Motherhealth and Mindbodyonline are partnering up to offer telemedicine and electronic appointment scheduling to care providers and health consumers.

We will offer profit sharing to health care providers including caregivers.

If you are any of the following health care providers, an investor or a hospital organization, email to be added in the list and launch intro:

  • doctor, internal med or family practitioner

  • nurse practitioner

  • podiatrist

  • dentist

  • eye doctor

  • physical therapist

  • visiting nurse

  • caregiver

  • care giving agency

  • hospice agency

  • psychiatrist

  • neurologist

  • acupuncturist

  • online holistic nutritionist and health coach

  • occupational therapist

  • visiting nurse

  • LVN/CNA – vocational nurse or CNA

  • geriatric doctors

  • geriatric nurses

  • genetic counselors

  • health concierge online – email to include coordination for Uber transport, pharmacy,housekeeping,delivery of medical supplies,medical transport