Health services and Mind/body solutions for health consumers

• Beauty Services
• Chiropractor
• Classes
• Groups
• Healing/Bodywork
• Health Services
• Hypnotherapy
• Integrative Medicine
• Massage Therapy
• Music Classes
• Personal Growth
• Personal Training
• Pilates
• Psychics
• Psychotherapy & Counseling
• Spa Services
• Yoga

  • Community volunteering
  • Bingo and board games
  • Dance lessons
  • Art classes
  • Cooking classes
  • Tai-Chi
  • Email other healing ways or holistic approaches and solutions including high tech gadgets that we can add in the health concierge for health consumers at Motherhealth.


Doctors can soon do telemedicine with Motherhealth with profit sharing

Motherhealth and Mindbodyonline are partnering up to offer telemedicine and electronic appointment scheduling to care providers and health consumers.

We will offer profit sharing to health care providers including caregivers.

If you are any of the following health care providers, an investor or a hospital organization, email to be added in the list and launch intro:

  • doctor, internal med or family practitioner

  • nurse practitioner

  • podiatrist

  • dentist

  • eye doctor

  • physical therapist

  • visiting nurse

  • caregiver

  • care giving agency

  • hospice agency

  • psychiatrist

  • neurologist

  • acupuncturist

  • online holistic nutritionist and health coach

  • occupational therapist

  • visiting nurse

  • LVN/CNA – vocational nurse or CNA

  • geriatric doctors

  • geriatric nurses

  • genetic counselors

  • health concierge online – email to include coordination for Uber transport, pharmacy,housekeeping,delivery of medical supplies,medical transport

Motherhealth health search – mobile app coming soon, advertisers wanted

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Email if you want to advertise with Motherhealth’s health concierge site. Last month , we have 500 visitors per day or 15,000 visitors per month globally. There are now more than 7000 health posts.

Advertisers will help push us to the next project, a mobile application direct to health consumers empowering them to take action about their health, match care providers and use the latest health screens that are also available to doctors.

Investors are welcome from $500 or more.
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