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5 min response via email when seeking for a caregiver for your bay area seniors

Our home health caregiving senior care fee is based on level of care. If there is lifting, we charge a little more. We have clients who are hospice, with Alzheimer and/or Parkinsons. Many had strokes and has diabetes. We personalize our care with the needs of the seniors. We treat seniors like family.

Visiting Nurses and Health pros reaching out to seniors

Visiting nurses help prevent emergencies. They provide one on one care at home and for others who live alone, they are part of the family and core support group providing care with love and compassion. Other health pros and allied health such as acupuncturists, naturopaths, massage therapists, physical therapists, caregivers, cooks, drivers, herbalists, home helpersContinue reading “Visiting Nurses and Health pros reaching out to seniors”