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How can we help our doctors understand our bodies

When health consumers communicate all important health information to doctors, health solutions can be found and matched to the person’s health care needs. Communicating to doctors thoroughly removes the guess work and backed up my diagnostics tests, each health journey can be personalized. Happy doctor’s day! May all our doctors take care of their healthContinue reading “How can we help our doctors understand our bodies”

Post Op surgery: Doctor’s discharge instructions and Motherhealth caregivers

It is best to go home with a caregiver especially after a surgery. Call 408-854-1883 for 8hr or live in caregiver in the bay area during the first few weeks after your surgery.

Visiting Nurses and Health pros reaching out to seniors

Visiting nurses help prevent emergencies. They provide one on one care at home and for others who live alone, they are part of the family and core support group providing care with love and compassion. Other health pros and allied health such as acupuncturists, naturopaths, massage therapists, physical therapists, caregivers, cooks, drivers, herbalists, home helpersContinue reading “Visiting Nurses and Health pros reaching out to seniors”

Thank you to the integrated team approach at Stanford Hospital California

My co-worker’s dad who has cancer is being taken cared for by Stanford doctors. She loves the integrated team approach of the doctors. I thank many doctors who made it possible for families to go through the experience of caring for their sick love ones with extra help. We know that cancer patients need allContinue reading “Thank you to the integrated team approach at Stanford Hospital California”

Cancer shield

When my father was diagnosed with last stage lung cancer, we juiced fresh green papaya and apples, since the strong papaya enzyme was believed to remove the coating of cancer cells so that the body’s immune system can attack them. The doctor said he would live for another 3 months, he lived for 9 more months atContinue reading “Cancer shield”