The future of health applications

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Do you have a good experience with a mobile health app? Email Connie your health story using a mobile health app.

Email to list your mobile health application in this site. A brief description and link should be included.

A mobile health application designed by health consumers

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Email to participate in a mobile health application designed by you , with profit sharing and employs a village. Share your thoughts in defining the requirements for this mobile health application designed by you and for your health and wellness relevant  today and many years from now.

Help with mobile health application

You may email me at if you have suggestions on what the future health mobile application should be. Here are some of my observations:


Google delights the user.

Uber response time is less than 5 min.

Apple stayed true to the top of technologies.

Facebook copies the best social app and delivers with simplicity to benefit users.

LinkedIn builds data to earn $26B.


Data is king.
Wearables and smart watches will only grow.
Integrated systems with less mouse clicks or finger tabs win.


Doctors and patients are not connected in their data.
Users are still not satisfied with current solution and apps.