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Home health options for seniors at home

There are many home care options for seniors at home, in assisted living, in nursing homes and other facilities. In bigger facilities such as nursing homes, monthly fees can go up to $12,000 per month with no one on one care. In home care, where a caregiver provide home care, you pay at least $18Continue reading “Home health options for seniors at home”

Health analytics at clubalthea.com

What does these data mean? The following top 10 countries is where health consumers find health research as very important: USA, India, UK, Canada, Pakistan, Australia, Philippines, Brazil, South Africa and Ireland. About 25% of the referrer comes from my Facebook and majority from Google. Foods is the most searched item. Growth hormone, libido and anti-agingContinue reading “Health analytics at clubalthea.com”

Yelp experience, senior care services in the bay area

In promoting my senior care services, I asked others where to advertise.  Caregivers hotline, newspaper, craigslist and other online social media can help promote a business. I started with word of mouth and giving out seminars on Caregiving tips.  Meeting seniors in senior centers and their homes also helped in finding clients who need caregiversContinue reading “Yelp experience, senior care services in the bay area”