Education is our best investment

  Charter schools are privately run, publicly funded, and irregularly regulated. John Oliver explores why they aren’t at all like pizzerias. Last Week Tonight host John Oliver devoted much of his Sunday show to delving into the serious issue of publicly-funded and privately-run charter schools. Describing these schools as “the things that politicians love to […]

Americans who are ashamed that we have elected as our president a man bursting with prejudices and lies are right

By Leon Wieseltier This is a country of wildly different destinies, and the belief in equality does not make people equal: The unprecedented pace of change, the daze of historical acceleration in which we live, produces a sensation of insecurity, a terrible volatility, that often results in fear. Trump battened off working-class panic and white […]

Save money in college and let’s have more college graduates in America

Start in 2-yr city college. Go for 3-yr college degrees. Get tuition breaks based on your parents or grandparents income. Rent books. Live with your parents. Work part time and intern while learning new skills. Take summer courses. Take advantage of in-state bargains. Tap into pipeline programs. Top 15 Cheapest Community Colleges in California Email […]

How to avoid a recession

There are several things  to try and avoid recession. Basically, the government and monetary authorities need to try and increase  aggregate demand (consumer spending, investment, exports). There is no guarantee that they will work. It will depend on the policies and also the causes of the recession. For example, it is easier if the downturn […]