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Retirement savings plan

Retirement savings plan Hi, Hope all is well with your family and circle. Do you have time for 15-min zoom chat about your retirement plan that is safe, avoids probate, fees are less, taxes are less and guarantees a lifetime retirement income? Is each dollar in your investment account equal to a life insurance amount?Continue reading “Retirement savings plan”

401k to annuities plan worksheet

Gather your current financial plan and evaluate your retirement goals. Do you think you will outlive your savings? If yes, text 408-854-1883 for our field underwriter to show you a plan. Do review your current plan with your family, advisors and other pros. Fixed Index Annuities are savings you wanted to keep for at leastContinue reading “401k to annuities plan worksheet”

1 hour delivery at Amazon, 5 min response time with Uber

Amazon Amazon sales increased  by 20% in 2015.  And now, Amazon delivers within 1 hour in the bay area. Uber Uber driver’s must respond within 5 minutes since passengers can cancel before then. Uber will be the hottest IPO in 2016. And hiring more drivers, reducing unemployment and saving money for others. Be an UberContinue reading “1 hour delivery at Amazon, 5 min response time with Uber”

How to avoid capital gains tax

First, you can use a tax-protected retirement account to avoid paying capital gains taxes on the proceeds from your stock sales. As long as you keep the proceeds in the account and resist the urge to make premature withdrawals, you can grow your retirement savings on a tax-free basis for an indefinite period of time. 

However, your retirement account may be subject to certain contribution limits. If you’re under the age of 50, you can contribute just $5,000 per year into your tax-protected IRA account. If you’re over the age of 50, you may be able to contribute as much as $6,000 into your account. Before you make any contributions, be sure to check with a licensed tax professional.

Mutual Fund Costs

Costs are the biggest problem with mutual funds. These costs eat into your return, and they are the main reason why the majority of funds end up with sub-par performance. What’s even more disturbing is the way the fund industry hides costs through a layer of financial complexity and jargon. Some critics of the industryContinue reading “Mutual Fund Costs”

Did you lose money from your stocks and home equity and you need to increase your estate at the stroke of a pen?

Call Connie Dello Buono CA Life Lic 0G60621 at 408-854-1883 motherhealth@gmail.com You are invited on May 17, Sat at Embassy Suites at 9:00am in Walnut Creek CA to learn how to have a tax free retirement with no market risks.

Sins of Investing, tax-free savings , tax breaks for the rich

The rich people, earn, invest and pay taxes while the poor earn, pay taxes and spend. We can be better this 2014. There are 420 tax deductions as a business owner. Call Connie 408-854-1883 motherhealth@gmail.com to be a business owner with no capital and experience in 50 US states. Call for a risk free, tax-free withContinue reading “Sins of Investing, tax-free savings , tax breaks for the rich”