Invest your $3M in senior care in the bay area

An internet start-up is asking for $3M. Motherhealth LLC is a senior home care agency for bay area seniors. You can also invest here to ensure that our seniors are cared for in the comfort of their homes, a total senior concierge with holistic home care in mind.

Email or text 408-854-1883 to get info on how you can help provide affordable and caring bay area caregivers to home-bound seniors.

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USA Rich and poor tax payers, 2010

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Middle income and families

Middle income and couples contributed more in taxes compared to other income groups. Free education, housing support, child care support, health care access and other family-centered and middle-income centered benefits should be given more to this income group.

From these income groups, more than half of the monthly income goes to housing expense.

2014 Social Security Benefit of $2642 max per month

Save 10% of your money towards your retirement savings plan since Social Security can only give you a max of $2642 per month.

Full deduction of $5.5k yearly contribution to your Roth IRA from your gross yearly income of $60k for single and yearly income of $95k for married. 

Traditional IRA: Required Min Distribution upon reaching 70.5 yrs and upon reaching 59.5 yrs , distribution is subject to income taxes except for the portion contributed to nondeductible contributions.  No penalties with IRA holder if you become disabled, purchased your first home ($10k limit), buy medical insurance, qualified educational expenses and at death.

Roth IRA is tax free withdrawal for first in and income last. Roth IRA must be owned for five years

Learn about social security benefits, qualified and non qualified index Annuities (no fees/no admin fees, guaranteed lifetime income) and tax advantaged retirement savings plan every Sat in Fremont and Mon-Friday in San Jose. Contact Connie Dello Buono CA Life Lic 0G60621 408-854-1883

Ordinary people get a share in the ecommerce global business

This is my personal invite to those who wants a share of the ecommerce industry. But first, my condolence to the loved ones of Robin Williams, who is my favorite comedian of all time. May God’s face shine upon him.

Dear All,

I would like to invite those who wants to earn an income in the ecommerce industry, with Amazon, Wallmart, Target and other retailers.

This is one stream of income I am not afraid to share to you all. Ecommerce franchise business share for less.  You may pass this along to others who really need to get out of financial woes.

Email me – >  to get the link for info and to join and I wish to invite you all tomorrow in Burlingame at 6:30pm and in LA this Sat.
A global ecommerce, you have a share in the pie before going public in Jan 2015. Not much selling effort on your part.  You will not be disappointed. Retention rate as start up business owner is 98%. Like many of you, starting a business takes time to be in black but this one takes only a week.
$10k while your are sleeping in first 20 days. You can still do what you love to do.  My passion is still in finance education and health but I also need a stream of income in ecommerce.
Regards,  Connie
Connie Dello Buono 
Money coach and wealth strategist for tax-free retirement
1708 Hallmark Lane San Jose CA 95124
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Retirement woes and stock market loses of 45-65 yrs olds


45 yrs old Saves $300 per month $50k yearly lifetime retirement income Sample numbers, save for 20 yrs, earnings for lifetime , returns 8-13%
55 yrs old Saves $500 per month $40k yearly lifetime retirement income Sample numbers, save for 20 yrs, earnings for lifetime , returns 8-13%
  • At 45 yrs of age, you want to save in the next 25 yrs and ensure your lifetime retirement income to support the lifestyle that you want.
  • At 50 yes of age, you want a safe place to grow your savings or investments with no market loses like the stocks and you want to recoup what you have lost in the market to retire early.
  • At 60 yrs of age, you want to use some of your savings tax free without paying penalties and taxes which would amount close to 40-50% of your savings.
  • At 65 yrs of age, you know that you might need long term care and you have no long term care insurance and might not be insurable any longer.
  • At 70 yrs of age, you are required to withdraw your savings and incur a huge tax as a result.

Now, you do not have to have these pains of the future if you know there is an Index Universal Life policy with additional living benefits such as terminal and chronic illness riders and lifetime retirement income riders.

These riders added free at no cost allows you to access 70-90% of your face amount (up to $1.5M) when cancer (early or last stage) or disability occurs.

After saving away in the next 20 yrs, around 10% of your net income you are scheduled to receive a lifetime retirement income until you are 120 yrs old. For sure, you will not outlive your money.

Using an index strategy, in an IUL policy your savings do not participate when the market is in downside potential but keeps your principal and gains intact. You can create an estate of $500k to $2M at a stroke of a pen with a policy that is not term (renting) or whole life insurance (1-3% with return) but an IUL for tax free cash accumulation between 8-13% return.

You choose what your retirement income would be, call Connie for free review of your retirement needs and wants via email or cell for 24 hrs response. Your financial life coach (24/7) for single premium, 1035 exchange, super charge Roth IRA, pension, 801k or just a safe/guaranteed savings plan securing the future for you and your family where your money doubles every 9 yrs and during health threats or emergencies you have access to it.

Contact Connie Dello Buono CA Life Lic 0G60621 408-854-1883 1708 Hallmark Lane San Jose CA 95124

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