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More than 10 reasons why we need life insurance

Your greatest asset to protect is your life. As a mother and a life insurance agent, I want to show you why we need life insurance, not just for creating an immediate estate to my children in the absence of an inheritance as I am not rich at the moment. Connie Dello Buono CA Life

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From B to A college student

When you retake the same subject that you received a lower grade, you have a chance of recording only the highest grade subject that you recently took. This will open doors for you. Remember, higher grades means more money and opportunity. Yes my two teens are in a city college with the hopes of going

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Graduates to follow their passion and make a difference in their lives and others

  Lincoln High School Graduates 2014 San Jose California In many poor families in other parts of the world, you can see college diplomas of their children hanging on their walls. Parents labored and worked hard to send their children to college. Education indeed is a great equalizer.  And now  the poor can reach their

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