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More crimes from white extremists than terrorists

Since 9/11, white right-wing terrorists have killed almost twice as many Americans in homegrown attacks than radical Islamists have, according to research by the New America Foundation. In their June study, the foundation decided to examine groups “engaged in violent extremist activity” and found that white extremists were by far the most dangerous. They pointed

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USA Rich and poor tax payers, 2010

Middle income and families Middle income and couples contributed more in taxes compared to other income groups. Free education, housing support, child care support, health care access and other family-centered and middle-income centered benefits should be given more to this income group. From these income groups, more than half of the monthly income goes to

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2010 Tax Statistics in the USA

More women between the ages of  55 under 60 yrs of age worked in 2010 compared to the number of men in the same age group. In both men and women, the top earning age group is between the ages of 46 under 55 yrs of age. Disparity in income between men and women is

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Emma Watson’s “HeforShe” Speech as UN Women Goodwill Ambassador

<div style=”margin-bottom:5px”> <strong> <a href=”” title=”Emma Watson's &quot;HeforShe&quot; Speech as UN Women Goodwill Ambassador” target=”_blank”>Emma Watson's &quot;HeforShe&quot; Speech as UN Women Goodwill Ambassador</a> </strong> from <strong><a href=”” target=”_blank”>UN Women</a></strong> </div> Actor and UN Women Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson gave a game-changing speech at the UN about feminism and the need for gender equality. Her speech

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