Women find strength and camaraderie in rowing as they age

Women find strength and camaraderie in rowing as they age By Alice Reid Jayne Lytel, 61, is a member of D.C.’s Potomac Boat Club. She has been rowing since 2012. (Matt McClain/The Washington Post) As they launched their rowing shell onto Boston’s Charles River one sunny October morning, four Alexandria women prepared to live a rower’s […]

Happy genes love to eat

 Special people with special genes are always happy and love to eat. We are also influence by our environment but our genes is our master control until we harmed our genes from forces in the environment, prenatal nutrition , stress and other factors. Connie STUDY IDENTIFIES 6,500 GENES THAT ARE EXPRESSED DIFFERENTLY BETWEEN MEN AND […]

Cancer signs by Dr Mercola

Don’t rely on routine tests alone to protect you from cancer. It’s just as important to listen to your body and notice anything that’s different, odd, or unexplainable. Here are some signs that are commonly overlooked: 1. Wheezing or shortness of breath One of the first signs many lung cancer patients remember noticing is the […]

Overcome Erectile Dysfunction for better health and a better sex life

Whether you currently suffer from ED or are hoping to sidestep this condition, try these tips to overcome ED for better health and a better sex life. Start walking. According to one Harvard study, just 30 minutes of walking a day was linked with a 41% drop in risk for ED. Other research suggests that moderate […]