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Weight loss program and stories with Jump Start

It takes a team to implement and monitor your weight loss program. Do email your picture before and after. Get a health and gym coach and exercise buddy. Email for guidance listed below. Start with a jump start and avoidance of sugar and transfat. I recommend Jumpt Start AgeLOC TR90 , add Distributorship/Sponsor ID #: USW9578356 when ordering

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Men’s health

For back pain… Beware of the false promises of risky, often unnecessary surgery. For prostate protection… Discover new and better testing methods than PSA testing for prostate cancer. For better strength and balance… Simple at-home exercises can keep you strong and healthy. For a healthier heart… Experts’ top healing foods can keep your arteries clear and your heartbeat stable.

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Depression Affects Male and Female Brains Differently

Depression Affects Male and Female Brains Differently Summary: Exposing depressed adolescents to positive and negative words elicited different effects in specific brain regions depending on the sex of the subject, a new Frontiers in Psychiatry study reports. Source: Frontiers. New findings suggest that adolescent girls and boys might experience depression differently and that sex-specific treatments

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