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Why Cannabis Affects Women Differently

Summary: A new study explores the differences in cannabis use between males and females. Researchers reveal women are develop addiction to marijuana more quickly than men. The study reports females have different levels of endocannabinoids and more sensitive receptors than males in areas related to social behavior. Source: Frontiers. Cannabis use is riding high on

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Happy genes love to eat

 Special people with special genes are always happy and love to eat. We are also influence by our environment but our genes is our master control until we harmed our genes from forces in the environment, prenatal nutrition , stress and other factors. Connie STUDY IDENTIFIES 6,500 GENES THAT ARE EXPRESSED DIFFERENTLY BETWEEN MEN AND

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Hormones and gut health – 1

GUT BACTERIA MAY PREDICT PTSD RISK NEUROSCIENCE NEWSOCTOBER 25, 2017 People with PTSD had lower levels of three different gut bacteria than individuals who experienced trauma but didn’t develop the disorder, a new study reports.… READ MORE… FEATUREDNEUROLOGYPSYCHOLOGY6 MIN READ STUDY SUGGESTS PARKINSON’S COULD START IN GUT ENDOCRINE CELLS NEUROSCIENCE NEWSJUNE 15, 2017 Researchers suggest an

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