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My scientist friend asked how to detox or clean his body from toxins

Ways to get rid of toxins in our liver, live longer, anti-aging tips, cleansing our body, detoxification, detox, detoxes, and prevent cancer, chronic disease, prevent fast aging

Anti-inflammatory diet relieves pain

Whole foods that contain the following foods and herbs have anti-inflammatory properties, relieve pain and promote cell growth and repair. Pain can be remedied with healthy whole food diet of foods and spices such as: Turmeric Studies have linked turmeric to reduced inflammation in a number of conditions, including psoriasis. The chemical responsible for turmeric’sContinue reading “Anti-inflammatory diet relieves pain”

Cost of senior care services

Senior Services for Alzheimer’s and other health issues When caring for an Alzheimer’s client, there are varying in-home health care costs based on level of care for. Seniors with different types of mental health challenges starts with Dementia and progresses to Alzheimer. Caregivers are trained to be patient with a senior who have memory issuesContinue reading “Cost of senior care services”

Narcotic pain meds shrinks the brain, CDC updates their guide

CDC Guide when prescribing meds Insurance companies reimburse narcotic pain meds but not alternative safe wellness solutions such as herbs, supplements, yoga and others. One third of pharma drugs are paid for by the US government. Narcotic pain meds shrink the brain causing other neuro-degenerative disease such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Most US doctors whenContinue reading “Narcotic pain meds shrinks the brain, CDC updates their guide”