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Medi-Cal Planning from Start to Finish

  Kirsten Howe Attorney at Absolute Trust Counsel 67 articles Following In this series of posts we will focus on Medi-Cal for our over-65 clients who need assistance with long-term care. We will take you through the laws and what we do for our clients, from the initial meeting until we receive that eligibility letter, to help themContinue reading “Medi-Cal Planning from Start to Finish”

2010 Tax Statistics in the USA

More women between the ages of  55 under 60 yrs of age worked in 2010 compared to the number of men in the same age group. In both men and women, the top earning age group is between the ages of 46 under 55 yrs of age. Disparity in income between men and women isContinue reading “2010 Tax Statistics in the USA”

Nurses identify 10 needs health startup should focus on

The following list was compiled from interviews with Sheila Antrum (president and senior vice-president, health adult services, UCSF Medical Center), Daphne Stannard (director and chief nurse researcher, Institute for Nursing Excellence, UCSF Medical Center), and Alberto Garcia (patient care director, health adult services,UCSF Medical Center). Why are we sharing this? UCSF’s Center for Digital HealthContinue reading “Nurses identify 10 needs health startup should focus on”

Cost of senior care services

Senior Services for Alzheimer’s and other health issues When caring for an Alzheimer’s client, there are varying in-home health care costs based on level of care for. Seniors with different types of mental health challenges starts with Dementia and progresses to Alzheimer. Caregivers are trained to be patient with a senior who have memory issuesContinue reading “Cost of senior care services”

When do you need a caregiver for your homebound senior

We need a companion, home helper or caregiver for our 70plus mom and dad who live alone to avoid emergencies, to allow us to function and take care of our bodies too in the same way we care for our parents, to give more quality time to our aging parents and to provide the necessaryContinue reading “When do you need a caregiver for your homebound senior”

7 Things to Review During Medicare Open Enrollment by Emily Brandon

Medicare beneficiaries will get an opportunity to make changes to their Medicare Part D coverage between Oct. 15 and Dec. 7, 2014. Many retirees will experience premium increases, changes in covered drugs and new cost-sharing requirements if they don’t switch plans. Here’s what you should review during the annual open enrollment period so you canContinue reading “7 Things to Review During Medicare Open Enrollment by Emily Brandon”