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Primary-care​ doc​ pay​ rises​ with​ demand, but​ the industry disparity​ is​ still​ large One of the lingering challenges to recruit more individuals to pursue a career in primary care has been the large wage differential found between those specialties and more specialized clinical fields.  READ MORE Hospitals can expect pain from EHR installs During the first

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Health Care self serving predatory practices

Thanks to the internet we can research and find our information and so we can ask our doctor more questions who only have 15 minutes to meet us. But not every one uses the computer or the latest gadget in health care. How much do you pay for prescription meds, for example? What about health

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Organize to find cancer cure and build a support group

https://www.meetup.com/Cupertino-Breast-Cancer-Survivors-Meetup/?success=groupSetup Our cancer support group is open to all in the bay area. Doctors, hospital staff, families and other cancer problem solvers are welcome.

Hospitals with the highest cost markups

Somewhat surprisingly, the hospitals with the biggest markups were not those in America’s richest cities. No. 1 on the list: North Okaloosa Medical Center in the Florida Panhandle, about an hour outside Pensacola, the researchers said. Twenty of the 50 priciest hospitals operate in Florida. The rest are in 12 other states. Overall, 76% of the

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