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Oncologists sue HHS over Medicare Part B sequester cuts The trade group for independent oncologists sued the federal government over the Medicare sequester cut to Part B drugs, arguing that Congress never gave HHS authority to change the reimbursement formula.  READ MORE CMS meets MIPS reporting goals, but thousands of doctors still face penalties The CMS

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How to lower your lab or hospital bills?

My son was told by One Medical to use the cheaper Lab services for $100 for his blood test while others use the internet to some other lab tests.

For hospital bills, go home early with a caregiver or do only necessary lab and hospital surgeries if possible.

Learn how to avoid emergencies and preventive health.


Get a leg up with these seven ways to negotiate your medical bills.

Learn to Spot Common Medical Billing Errors. …
Go Into a Procedure Knowledgeable of Fees. …
Ask If You Qualify for Discounts. …
Familiarize Yourself With Health Care Mumbo Jumbo. …
Visit the Hospital’s Billing Department. …
Be Polite, But Not a Pushover.

Top Aging hacks posts 10-16-2017

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Health care news: CliniComp sues to stop VA-Cerner contract

OP TECHNOLOGY NEWS CliniComp sues to stop VA-Cerner contract CliniComp, an EHR vendor that supplies software to the VA and Defense Department, says it might have been considered for the contract had the VA conducted open and competitive bidding.  READ MORE Healthcare organizations ask CMS to harmonize EHR requirements In comments on a proposed MACRA rule,

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