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In 48 hours, you have money for funeral and burial expenses from a final expense life insurance (using Simplified issue whole life insurance from 7 carriers). We wanted to be celebrated for the life we lived during our funeral. It costs around $15k. With monthly premium around $30 to $100 per month depending on your age 50 to 85 yr old, we got you covered even with health issues. Contact Connie Dello Buono 408-854-1883. connie@connielifeins.com 0G60621

List of carriers: Americo, American Amicable, Mutual of Omaha, Transamerica, AIG, John Hancock

Women will use long term care for 4 years vs 3 years with men


Women account for two thirds of all long term care insurance claims paid in 2018. AALTCI

Text Connie Dello Buono, 0G60621 for long term care insurance with life insurance added policy to be customized based on your needs, with medical or non medical tests needed. 4088541883 connie@connielifeins.com

Example: 67 yr old male, $140 per month premium for long term care plus life insurance policy to get $3000 monthly benefit in long term care.
Personlized 24 7 care at home with caregivers ranges from $350 per day and up in the bay area. $25 per hour. Text 408-854-1883 for bay area caregivers for live in home care in your house.

Reported in LTCi Sales Strategies magazine (Volume 7, Number 3, December 2005). May be used with credit to LTCi Sales Strategies magazine and Milliman USA.

What’s the likelihood of getting LTC services (based on length of stay information shared by Milliman USA, leading LTC insurance actuaries) from all ages combined?  

Out of 1,000 65-year-old policyholders
        –      449 will get LTC services
        –      106 will get LTC for > 2 years   
        –      59 will get LTC for > 3 years
        –      34 will get LTC for > 4 years
        –      20 will get LTC for > 5 years

The length of stay also varies significantly by whether the policyholder is married or single, or male or female. The two “extremes” for a 65-year old are shown: that for a married male (lowest) and a single female (highest).

Out of 1,000 65-year-old males, who are married              

        –      302 will get LTC services
        –      20 will get LTC for > 2 years   
        –      12 will get LTC for > 3 years
        –      7 will get LTC for > 4 years
        –      4 will get LTC for > 5 years

Out of 1,000 65-year-old females, who are single

        –      555 will get LTC services
        –      70 will get LTC for > 2 years   
        –      51 will get LTC for > 3 years
        –      35 will get LTC for > 4 years
        –      23 will get LTC for > 5 years

Source:  Data compiled by Milliman USA, published in LTCi Sales Strategies magazine, December 2005.

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  1. Final expense plan to pay for funeral expenses
  2. Mortgage protection plan to pay for loan balance with return of premiums, disability and chronic/critical illness benefits
  3. Fixed Index Annuity as your lifetime retirement income and safer than your 401k, fees are less, taxes are less, avoids probate, with rate of return with no downward market participation

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