Why caregivers in the bay area want $20 per hour

IHSS, In home health support services in the counties in the bay area pay $15 per hour and families have a hard time finding caregivers without paying the additional $5 per hour from their pockets.

With the high standard of living, hourly caregivers must pay high rent and have to work more than 20hrs per day x 30 days. Caregivers are not only assisting homebound seniors who have health issues but also cook, perform light housekeeping and other duties from shopping to coordinating care and medications. They are now a very important team in the health care service area of home health , delivering the appropriate continuity of holistic care in real time as health changes and various factors affect the health of seniours.

Motherhealth caregivers provide compassionate and holistic care, contact Connie 4088541883 for faster response and get feedback from former and current clients, be referred to a care home of 6-bed, assisted living facilities, and a free senior home care concierge from Motherhealth.


Must be free, easy to use innovative home care solutions

How do we adopt to the newest technologies that will help deliver home care solutions in consistent and useful way to the public and institutions?
Currently, caregivers uses cell phones for scheduling, training and
communications. A case manager from home care organization ensures consistency in care with one-on-one training to match caregivers care with the needs of the client.
Call 408-854-1883 or text Motherhealth caregivers in the bay area for loving caregivers and consistent home care.

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Offering 20% discount in home care in the bay area

Caregivers from Motherhealth can provide you pain relief and comforting presence from massage, home cooked meals and other caring assistance in daily living. 408-854-1883

Ways not to be exhausted working as a caregiver

Massage, working only few days a week as live-in caregiver, relaxation techniques from going to the beach or be with nature,
be surrounded by loving family or friends, healthy foods, adequate sleep, sunshine and other healing ways can protect caregivers from burned out or extra stress.

Most of Motherhealth caregivers work only 2 days a week as live-in caregiver to allow their bodies to recover.

Be kind to our bodies, as we age , we need more attention to our bodies from extra stress at work, be as caregiver or other kind of profession.

Love our caregivers, be patient with them.

Call or text 408-854-1883 for Motherhealth caregivers in the greater bay area serving seniors in cities of Peninsula, Silicon Valley, East bay or nearby counties.

Lorazepam for Parkinsons, breathing issues and anxiety

We want to relieve the anxiety among clients with Parkinsons with Lorazepam. Listening to their breathing at night and addiction to the med, makes us change our mind about daily use of Lorazepam. Per our experience, the client had difficulty breathing at 68 with Parkinsons. It also produces more thigh muscle cramps instead of relieving the cramps. Is there a better way?

Most neuro meds are addicting and results in the same health issues it is suppose to relieve.

Combine this med on as needed basis, not used daily with holistic home care with caring caregivers providing massage, extra care and compassion, healthy meals and lorazepam can only be used few times a week instead of daily.

Sometimes, the presence of caregivers relieve their anxiety without the need for medications. A full stomach also helps them sleep well and a regular massage before bedtime, legs and feet massage.

Call or text Motherhealth caregivers , 408-854-1883 , for bay area seniors with Parkinsons or other health issues for holistic home care.