Motherhealth health care staff to check on your employees temperature onsite

Motherhealth health care providers are staffing manufacturing sites in the bay area to check incoming employees temperature and provide mask to prevent Covid-19 virus spread.

Let’s keep bay area workers safe.

Text 408-854-1883 for faster response.

We have been serving companies such as Varian and other facilities both medical and non medical.

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A place for your employees in the bay area with corporate landlord

Motherhealth will now accept requests from corporations in the bay area looking for house for rent for their employees. We will furnish the place and prepare them for your employees. Profits will support affordable senior home care and housing in the bay area.

Email Connie at

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Free financial planning and review for bayarea pros, 3000 laid off Cisco employees and business owners

If you want to reduce taxes, review your life insurance needs, review your retirement plans, identify ways to have safe and lifetime retirement income from your annuities and IUL and get more from your savings without market risks and taxes, contact Connie Dello Buono 408-854-1883 for 24 hr response time. CA Life Lic 0G60621

This free financial planning is for two weeks only to rev up my business and to help those who needs help the most.

Find ways to have peace of mind, protect your savings for a lifetime retirement income, and spend more time with your love ones and create memories while your money works for you.

Free info on rolling over 401ks to tax free or lifetime retirement income (with living benefits, funds during health threats) to all 3000 laid off Cisco employees.

Saturdays Tax free seminar in Fremont at 9am and Mon-Fri at 1-3pm in Saratoga and Cupertino.

Saving without taxes, probates and required minimum distribution should be possible.

Reallocate your idle CDs and high risks investments to a long term, safe, liquid and better returns.

Some annuities have a bonus between 20-30%, there are life insurance with return of premium and living benefits, funds during health threats and non-medical life insurance and for funeral expense. All of these products are suited to each person’s needs and wants.

Know your options, protect your assets and life so your HEIRs receive them and not theIRS.

Business mentoring and Tax free retirement info to all 18k laid off Microsoft employees

With your experience in working in the corporate environment, you are now in best position to learn how to position yourself in the business world if you are open for a business opportunity. As employees, we have helped build other people’s dreams. It is now time for us to build our own dreams.

I have partnered with coaches in finance, business and health and other business minded pros in the bay area and the US.

Let us use technology and social media to help ourselves with our own personal branding and learn to align with other’s to build our own dreams. Together, we will master the art of influence and build a business that we can depend on and that money works for us even when we are not working.

Please email or connect with me if you are open to building your own dreams in many areas, save tax free for retirement, protect your retirement nest egg and secure your health and finances. Connie Dello Buono at 408-854-1883 in 50 US states.


It is also time to reposition your 401k to 9% return index annuities and index universal life -IUL policy (8-13% return, tax free, zero market risk, terminal and critical illness rider free, lifetime retirement income). The IUL can be used any time as 90% can be withdrawn as a loan, without returning it back. Contact Connie Dello Buono CA Life Lic 0G60621 at 408-854-1883 1708 Hallmark Lane San Jose CA 95124

Spend less when you retire

Forget what you know about withdrawal rates. The key to making your nest egg last is to spend less money than you earn.

Due to state tax law differences, however, you’ll soon learn that where you live during retirement largely dictates what you spend.

Some states, such as Minnesota and Vermont, impose a hefty tax on retirement income, while California’s top income tax rate is a budget busting 13.3 percent. Others, including New Jersey, have the highest property tax rate in the nation, while 14 states tax Social Security benefits either in part or in full. They are: Colorado, Connecticut, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont and West Virginia. (Not all, though, made our list of least tax friendly states for retirees.)

Up-and-Coming Retirement Cities, Around the WorldUp-and-Coming Retirement Cities, Around the WorldAlso, the sheer size of the aging baby boomer population has encouraged most states to consider more tax-favorable legislation for seniors, said Kathleen Thies, state tax analyst for CCH tax services firm in Riverwoods, Ill. And some relief programs have already been enacted.

But due to their combination of taxes on ordinary income, pensions, real estate, inherited property and estates, the following 10 states can best be described as hostile territory for retirees.

The list was culled with data collected from CCH, the Tax Foundation, state revenue departments, and the Federation of Tax Administrators. (Property tax rates, compiled by the Tax Foundation using Census Bureau data, are through calendar year 2011 and reflect the mean property tax as a percentage of mean home value.)

And because tax laws impact retirees differently, depending on their financial circumstances, we did not attempt to rank each state in terms of tax friendliness—or lack thereof. The states are instead presented in alphabetical order.


State income tax: 1% – 13.3%
State sales tax: 7.5% (combined state, local rate)
Mean property tax rate as a percentage of mean home value: 0.8%
Property tax ranking: 33
Estate tax: Limited to the federal estate tax collection rate
Inheritance tax: None

The sunny skies of California may be a playground for movie stars and millionaires, but retired residents should take their money and run.

The so-called Golden State, where fortune cookies, blue jeans and Apple computers were invented, levies one of the nation’s highest personal income tax rates. Its tax exemption for Social Security benefits is little comfort, given that most other retirement income gets taxed in full.

And property taxes are assessed at 100 percent of the home’s value, up to a maximum of 1 percent of the home’s cash value. That can deliver a serious dent to your standard of living. Median home prices for new and existing houses and condominiums reached $340,000, with high real estate prices in cities including San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego.


Now hiring part time financial consultants and direct selling sales (anti-aging), computer and people savvy. Calling all former Cisco and Wells Fargo employees and retirees from all types of industries. 408-854-1883 ;


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