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Quickly assesses live tissue cellular antioxidant levels

Quickly assesses live tissue cellular antioxidant levels in response to ROS Complete labs have there place but a portable biophotonic scan measuring your anti-oxidant level can help you find what is missing in your body with whole foods, exercise, sleep, de-stressing and supplementation ( using AgeLOC and other nutrients). Get a reading of your anti-oxidant

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Link between fish consumption and cardiovascular (CV) health

This is a summary of a systematic review that evaluated the recent evidence regarding the effects of omega-3 fatty acids (FAs), primarily from marine oil supplements, on clinical and selected intermediate cardiovascular (CV) outcomes (i.e., blood pressure, lipid concentrations) and the association of omega-3 FA dietary intake and biomarkers with CV outcomes. The systematic review included 147

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Healthy red blood cells for oxygen delivery, preventing heart failure

Oxygen delivery is facilitated by healthy red blood cells made every 120 days The following helps in ensuring healthy red blood cells: Exercise De-stress , avoiding too much stress Avoidance of alcohol Avoidance of toxic medications/drugs Carotenoids Whole foods rich in iron, copper, Vitamin B complex (all Bs), Vitamin C, Vitamin D, folate Erythropoietin, also known

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Dr Mercola: Drink beet juice an hour before exercise

NO Promotes Healthy Heart and Brain Function In one recent study,7,8,9,10 patients diagnosed with high blood pressure who drank beet juice an hour before exercise, three times a week for six weeks, experienced increased tissue oxygenation and blood flow. It also improved brain neuroplasticity by improving oxygenation of the somatomotor cortex (a brain area that is

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Healthy Heart in 20s Means Healthy Brain in 40s

Healthy Heart in 20s Means Healthy Brain in 40s Summary: Taking steps to improve your heart health early in life can help prevent brain shrinkage as you age, a new Neurology study reports. Researchers discovered people who had better heart health scores also had a higher average brain volume as a percentage of their total

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