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Our children are not our possession, they are entrusted to us to care for

Our children are not our possession, they are entrusted to us to care for until they can independently live in this world, ready with their college degrees or creative passions. We model our good behavior to our children or God’s children and it is our honor when they grew up as responsible citizens, loving and

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Cost of senior care services

Senior Services for Alzheimer’s and other health issues When caring for an Alzheimer’s client, there are varying in-home health care costs based on level of care for. Seniors with different types of mental health challenges starts with Dementia and progresses to Alzheimer. Caregivers are trained to be patient with a senior who have memory issues

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When do you need a caregiver for your homebound senior

We need a companion, home helper or caregiver for our 70plus mom and dad who live alone to avoid emergencies, to allow us to function and take care of our bodies too in the same way we care for our parents, to give more quality time to our aging parents and to provide the necessary

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10 New Things Science Says About Being a Mom by Randy Rieland

For all what we think we know about moms, here are some fresh conclusions researchers have drawn about them since last Mother’s Day. Your Brain when mom is nearby Look Ma, two hands: A study at the University of Illinois concluded that teenagers are safer drivers when their moms are with them. No surprise there. But

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