Our condolence to the family of Anniek Henk

Dear family, friends and colleagues,

It is with overwhelming sadness that I’m informing you that yesterday my beloved Anniek passed away. She was my best friend and my spouse. She passed away peacefully, without pain and at home while being on hospice care and being taken care of by me, Henk, just as she always wished. It is just very sad that it is at such a young age of 45 years.

She does have a nice standing list of accomplishments and at least that is something that provided some solace to her: working on the human genome project at Stanford that sequenced the first human genome, working on pharmaceuticals at Roche Palo Alto to help cure people, and ultimately working at Agilent Santa Clara on DNA/RNA microarrays and next gen sequencing. All to the benefit of society and people’s well being. Several of these contributions help with cancer research and cures, but alas for Anniek, tumor science has not advanced far enough yet.

Her desire is to be cremated. For her family and friends in Belgium there will be a memorial service in Belgium. For her friends and colleagues in the USA, we’ll have a gathering in the Bay Area to celebrate and remember her life.

Please do not overwhelm us with flowers. If you do want to express your appreciation for Anniek in any way, then share your most beautiful moments you had with her or fun tidbits or why you really appreciated her.


Henk Neefs, her husband


May God’s light shine upon Anniek and may God show her peace and rest in eternity.


Our children are not our possession, they are entrusted to us to care for

Our children are not our possession, they are entrusted to us to care for until they can independently live in this world, ready with their college degrees or creative passions.

We model our good behavior to our children or God’s children and it is our honor when they grew up as responsible citizens, loving and caring other human beings.  We are temporary caretakers of our children and we do not own or possess them. They are children of God and not our own. We are tasked to take care of them until they can take care of themselves.

Religion is a place to worship and not to limit us in the way we love or treat others. Positive cultural practices are followed and negative , dehumanized cultural norms are not followed as we are human beings, with free will and love.

I am sad of some honor killings in Pakistan. Let the future children believe that this world is filled with human love, not limited by cultural practices without love and compassion and not limited by religion that judges one because of abortion, marrying another without parental permission and so on.

I am sad that there is no family planning in the Philippines. A household of 6 siblings and the father and mother have no jobs. The children has to labor to put food on the table. And the older children dependent on their parents for everything. I am sad there is not enough jobs in the Philippines and not everyone can survive without help from other family members or relatives, college education is not free and other misfortunes.

I am positive that the future is bright if we have love in our hearts and passion to fulfill our dreams, to finish college and to find a better job.

I am hopeful for the USA without Trump or with Trump but still hoping that US politicians will put the people’s issues first and not their own.


Follow your heart and do not over eat on sugar

Life is short. There are many more things I want to say, do, learn and share.

But each one of us got blessed and got to be in a place by destiny and by our own passion and goals.

We cannot choose the circumstance at times but we can choose the best decision at the moment based on what we feel, see, think or visualize in the future. The best is to act consciously at the moment with open heart and eyes. There are some nuances that we cannot see right away when faced with an event or a meeting with a person.

Breath, pray and say good things. For good things come back to you.

Bless those who we touch and loved. Bless those we share moments with.

Always remember to love, be thankful and to share.


Birthday today December 8

The 1 million race for the cure to end aging

If asked what is my one million entry for the cure to end aging, it will comprise of the following factors in synergy:

  • Happiness: finding love, joy,satisfaction and confidence in every day. Happiness from the beauty of the place you live and work. Where there is no toxins or pollutants, where you can breath well. And kept a good size of close and loving family, friends and community. A soul mate, loving children, and many more ways others define happiness
  • Nutrition and Movement: Need to limit calories, sugar and toxic food ingredients and eating mostly whole foods with important ingredients such as turmeric, alkaline veggies, cocoa nuts, edible mushrooms, flax seeds, raw nuts, coconut oil  and other healthy colorful food raw and cooked in moderation. Happy foods from colorful whole foods. As you move and listen to calming music, you create more neurons to the brain.
  • Sleep, lifestyle free from severe stress and time for relaxation to relax and calm the nerves. Which goes back again to creating happy thoughts and environment. Sunshine and fresh air contribute to a relax environment.
  • Touch, massage, essential oils food for the brain and avoidance of brain toxins such as meds, drugs, alcohols and other unknowns. A mother’s massage during the early years of the baby stimulate growth of the body’s immune system.  Care during and before pregnancy prepares the womb for the baby to have the right environment and during labor, the absence of unnecessary meds also has influence on baby’s growth. Breastfeeding and in absence use of goat’s milk have profound effect to the health of the baby and the adult. Most elderly in care homes who lived past 95 yrs of age have full teeth as most infection can enter in the mouth.
  • Community and meaningful work, employment or business make one feel happy and secured and calms brain neurons.

The above factors I believe contribute to long life and delays the aging process. Why the scientists of today will spend so much for research to fight inflammation, gene decay, short and tangled brain neurons and other novel ways when all we need are the above.

Please email me your feedback. motherhealth@gmail.com Connie Dello Buono, health author 408-854-1883

Plan your day or others will plan for it

Plan your day or others will use your day for their plans. Share good thoughts or others bad thoughts will fill your mind.

Develop good habits or others will influence their habit to you. Spend your day with your good thoughts and actions or others will influence your day based on their thoughts and actions.

Go outside and share happy memories or you will be following others in creating their memories.

Reflect on what is best thing to share at each moment to capture happy thoughts, share happy memories and create happy memories.

Remember to say I love you to the ones that matter to you the most and spend even few minutes in person or phone to the one you love.

Kindness and generosity expands as you share yours, others will do the same creating happy memories one person at a time.

Live like you are not alone, but in a journey with others with the goal of spreading cheers, good thoughts and loving actions.

So share a hug, say I love You often and embrace life like we are all participants in the journey of life, full of colors and positive spirits.

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers

Rumi wrote “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

Relationships have changed more in the past 30 years than they did in the past 3,000. That shift has left many of us confused, wounded and worried about the possibility of love in our relationships.

The result of this ‘confusion’ has been a divorce rate that has soared to above 50% for the last 50 years. In the dating world, hurt and heartache have become the norm for many people. Research suggests that 50% of the population are either afraid and therefore avoid commitments with love, or else are deeply scared and anxious that love will keep ‘leaving’ them. I understand the fear that comes with love and relationships. I’ve been there. But there are proven ways to get safe with love. The only question is, are you ready to be safe to love again?

Today, ‘love’ has become something of a ‘boogie man’ for many people. The boogie man for our generation is no longer the thing in the closet or the monster we saw at the movies as children. These days, the boogie man for many adults is love. We are scared to death of love and mortified of its commitments. We need a calming voice to show us our fears are hardly the truth. That ‘closet’ which scares us is not what we think it is. Simply put, love is not the ‘boogie man’ we feel, think or fear it to be. We can find ways to get our minds and souls safe with love.

What’s stopping you with love?

If you are single, maybe you want to find a committed relationship but just don’t know how to get started. Maybe, you are so unsure of ‘relationships’ that beginning to date again feels overwhelming or just plain dangerous. Or perhaps, you are so jaded that some part of you just feels safer being lonely and single.

If you are in a relationship, maybe you have given up on feeling passionate again. Maybe you are thinking of leaving or divorcing because the relationship feels like a hamster wheel of hurt. Maybe you are a natural ‘runner’ but you know, you need to learn how to stay. Or perhaps, you secretly want to experience the soul mate relationship of your dreams but find yourself ‘settling’ for far less. You would like to change all this, but don’t know where or how to start.

Some people have gone to relationship seminar after seminar, and done coaching until they are blue in the face. Yet some part still sabotages things or simply won’t go with the program. You might want to be in a great relationship, but strongly suspect that some part of you does not. Maybe this is you. So, what’s getting in the way with you actually finding true and lasting love?

How committed are you to creating a lasting love in your life?

This is the crucial thing. Love is a choice. It may be accompanied by feelings, but it always boils down to our choices. To make better choices with love, sometimes you just need a trusted guide to help you find your way.

Can you imagine how great it will feel when you wake up next to the love of your life, and everyday is filled with the support and the amazing feeling of being really loved? Or, working it out with your partner and finding a true soul mate beside you? This is what being safe to love again is all about.  There is a way to get our brains, hearts and souls safe with love again.

When will you let now be the right time for you to have the love you deserve?

Yes, you can wait for ‘something’ to change. Or, you can begin to choose to create a new relationship with love. Why waste any more years having less than your birthright when it comes to a safe and fulfilling love? You can have the love you deserve and keep it as well! When you know that your soul mate is waiting for you and you are ready to take the first step on that path.


Send in your stories on how you found your soul mate to motherhealth@gmail.com

My coworker, Justin, found his soul mate in college. And he said to himself, I want to be with this woman for the rest of my life. Now, he changed his last name to her last name since she would not change her last name to his after the wedding.