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Essential oils, smell, brain, healing

Which essential oils have psychoactive properties if any? Connie b. Dellobuono, Health author and blogger at www.motherhealth.net , student of nurse midwifery Answered just now Most inhaled oils can have psychoactive properties since they are electrically charged chemicals and the brain is also charged.   Clary sage: May help to relieve hot flashes and promote

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Cancer healing with music

Music therapy Music therapy uses music and sound to help express emotions and improve emotional and physical well being. Music therapy can help you to: express your emotions cope with symptoms of a disease and its treatment relax and feel comfortable improve your emotional and physical well being develop self confidence and self esteem develop

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Root causes of chronic illness

During the last 20 years, your body is exposed to inflammation such as over consumption of sugar, stress and trauma, gut bacteria, lack of sleep and other chronic disease which can be prevented before it becomes Type 2 diabetes, depression, hypertension and even cancer.

We are symbiotic beings entangled with other symbiotic beings – health village

A health village consists of our family, health care provider, caregivers, and other social services.

Australia, Canada and Ireland have universal healthcare systems, although run on different lines to Britain’s NHS.
In the Philippines government owned hospitals, you buy your own blood , medicines and other necessities.

In the USA, you might sell your house to pay for your health care. And when you own a house, you are not eligible to some health care benefits at age 65.