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Papaya Leaf Extract renews muscle tissue

As alternative medicine grows in popularity, people are beginning to search everywhere for natural, health-promoting foods and supplements. It seems apparent that organic food rises far above conventional in helping to maintain a healthy body, but even organic food is highly depleted in nutrients compared to decades ago. There is little way around natural supplementation today, as soil is depleted and mainstream vitamins provide little or no benefit. People can utilize the health benefits of turmeric, vitamin D, and cacao, but there are other very powerful supplements out there that will contribute to incredible health.

Migraine, Headaches, magnesium and steps to cure

>How do I tell the difference between a headache and a migraine? A migraine is a common and especially debilitating type of headache, usually characterized by neurological symptoms called an aura, one sided pain and/or nausea. More than half of migraine sufferers haven’t been diagnosed and may identify simply as having headaches. In the Global Burden

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Enzyme drives middle-age weight and fitness changes

Scientists identified an enzyme in animal studies whose activity promotes weight gain and the loss of exercise capacity starting in mid-life. A drug that inhibits the enzyme prevented weight gain in mice, increased fitness levels, and reduced the incidence of obesity and type 2 diabetes. The findings could lead to more effective weight-loss medications. DNA-PK

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Gut Bacteria Influence Parkinson’s Risk , Vegan vs American diet

Vegan vs American diet Researchers in Finland have discovered what could be an important clue to what drives Parkinson’s disease (PD). Their new study has shown a reduced abundance of the Prevotellaceae bacteria family in the gut microbiome of PD patients compared with healthy control persons. Dr Filip Scheperjans Although the new findings only “scrape

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